Just’ and ‘just'” reverses the flow of the volleyball court, ‘operation time 30 seconds’

The flower of a volleyball court is the player, but there are times when the coach also becomes the main character. The operation time is only 30 seconds, and magic is created even with words like passwords.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


[Kim Ho-cheol/IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Director: Serving is the same as receiving and tossing, blocking and attacking are all delayed by half time. If you want to do it, do it straight ‘just’, then put it together ‘just’ and say ‘just’.] It’s a

quick-fire rap and password-like instructions, but the players understand it perfectly, and make a score with an attack that fits ‘just right’ at once.메이저사이트

Two run times per set. Sometimes it’s a lot of reading,

[Seok Jin-wook/OK Financial Group Director: Hesitating is wrong. run away, run away There are days like this~ What should I do? Are you good at meeting?]

Sometimes they give out orders.

[Kwon Young-min/KEPCO Director: Tais, aren’t you coming to work? Spread all your faces what are you doing? Since when did you play volleyball like this? Tais, laugh, you guys. I have to fight with the other person.] If you open

up, the tension will be relieved.

[Choi Tae-Woong/Hyundai Capital Director: If you only meet them, you have no luck. If you’re not lucky, you won’t have all 6 times. It’s okay, that’s why we’re not good at it, it’s okay. Just do it roughly, just do it, just do it! ]

Encourage players when they blame themselves for a series of mistakes,

[Go Hee-jin/KCG Ginseng Corporation Director: {I’m sorry, I’m sorry} Hye-seon, it’s okay. {Yes, yes} We talked about something. In times like this, the same thing shouldn’t be repeated over and over again. That’s wrong.] It

broadens the field of view outside the narrow court.

[Choi Tae-woong/Hyundai Capital Director: These many people came to see you guys in 3 years. I have to entertain you. Do you understand that I want to show you the missing ceremony?] In

the 30 seconds when the coach becomes the main character, each player moves their body and mind with their own magic.

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