‘Kane Munich Transfer Conditions Out!’ Tottenham set up ‘165.2 billion lump sum’ → “Rare case in the industry”

It is a sudden change of starting pitcher. The Samsung Lions faced bad news from the beginning of the second half.카지노사이트

Samsung will play the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against KT Wiz at Daegu Samsung Lions Park at 6:30 pm on the 21st.

Initially, on this day, Samsung announced David Buchanan, a foreign ace, as the starter.

However, ahead of the match, the starting pitcher suddenly changed.

The KBO officially announced that “Buchanan, who was supposed to be the starting pitcher for Samsung in the game between KT and Samsung scheduled to be held in Daegu on the 21st, was replaced by Jang Pil-joon due to a knee injury.”

In a phone call with My Daily, a Samsung official explained, “I woke up this morning (21st) and said I had sudden pain.

Fortunately, it was not a serious injury. An official said, “Buchanan is a vegetarian. If he does not eat meat, there is a high possibility that gout will return.” “It seems that the previous gout symptoms have reappeared. The injury is not serious. So, he was not removed from the entry.

In fact, Buchanan suffered from gout. Even in the first half, he missed one entry due to finger pain. This time, the symptoms appeared on his knee.

Buchanan won a complete game against the KIA Tigers on the 13th, the last appearance of the first half, with 9 innings, 4 hits, 8 strikeouts and 1 run. He was expected to carry on the momentum in the second half, but his first appearance was delayed.

Due to an unexpected injury, Samsung had to play against KT as a bullpen day from the first game of the second half. Jang Pil-jun goes first.

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is receiving a lot of attention as the possibility of a transfer has recently emerged. Kane, who was named the highest scorer in Tottenham’s history, but Tottenham finished 8th in the 2022/23 season and failed to advance to the competition organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA), so there was a prospect that he could move the team to win, and Munich was in the gap Without missing out, he started working on Kane’s recruitment.

Munich continues to persuade Tottenham after successfully reaching a personal agreement with Kane, but so far they have not made progress in negotiations. When the first official proposal of 70 million euros (approximately 99.9 billion won) was rejected, an improved offer worth 80 million euros (approximately 114.1 billion won) was delivered, but even this was rejected.

The negotiations were further shaken by the addition of the unconventional remarks of the former chairman of Munich. Former Chairman Uli Hoeneth said, “Chairman Levy is smart. He is playing with time,” and took off his luck as if he knew all of Levy’s tactics. We will sign Kane, and Tottenham will have to let him go,” he declared, directly referring to Kane and Levy, expressing his confidence in signing Kane.

After the remarks, the German media said, “Chairman Levy was angry with Hoeneth’s remarks. Levy was already angry that coach Thomas Tuchel met Kane. It was also reported that Levy said that he would never sell Kane.

Also, there is a prospect that Munich may postpone the signing of Kane until next year, saying, “Blahovich is Munich and coach Thomas Tuchel’s Plan B. Munich has already had initial talks with Blahovic’s aides. The point is that this is the number 1. If it turns out that Munich cannot bring Kane, it will turn to Blahovic,” said the possibility of a transfer to Blahovic.

However, the British Times said on the 20th, “Kane rejected Tottenham’s new offer. He only wants to transfer to Munich,” and reports that there is still a chance in Munich as Kane’s refusal to renew the contract is high, and to revive the spark of the transfer. also did

In the midst of this, news is reported that Tottenham has set a clear transfer fee condition for the signing of Kane in Munich, and more attention is expected to be paid to the future negotiations.

German media FCB Inside reported on the 21st (Korean time) that “Tottenham has set transfer conditions to Munich.”

FCB Inside said, “Tottenham tried everything to prevent Kane’s transfer to Munich. But this attitude seems to be collapsing. Now, the transfer may finally take place. Kane has absolutely ruled out staying at Tottenham and expressed his desire to go to Munich. I made it clear. However, he did not want to forcefully transfer,” he said about Kane’s current situation.

“Tottenham have set the conditions for the transfer of Munich. Levy wants 100 million pounds, and Tottenham does not want any installments. He explained that Tottenham made a bet on the condition that he receive a large transfer fee at once.

However, the media predicted that there is still room for negotiations. FCB Inside said, “It is unlikely that a one-time payment will be a factor in Munich’s breakdown of negotiations. However, the transfer fee still needs to be discussed. According to the news, Munich’s maximum range is 100 million euros (approximately 142.8 billion won).” He noted that there is still a gap of around 20 billion won between Tottenham’s demands and Munich’s maximum.

On the other hand, Kane was revealed to show a smile while digesting team training leisurely despite the transfer rumors surrounding him, making it even more difficult for fans and clubs to guess what kind of choice he is facing.

On the 21st, Tottenham released training photos of the Asia Pacific Tour in Perth, Australia on the club’s homepage, including photos of Kane wearing a training vest and smiling, as well as commemorative photos taken while enjoying training with his teammates. included

Even in the video released when he joined Tottenham for pre-season preparations, Kane showed a joyful smile several times as he worked hard on team training. In response to anticipation, he also showed excitement.

Postecoglu also praised Kane’s attitude at the Australian pre-season press conference, saying: “I had a good conversation with Kane. It wasn’t as grand as people expect. We had a good conversation and introduced myself. We hope the club can improve. “We talked about possible directions and where we are. He’s here, and while he’s here, he’s fully committed to what we’re doing.”

However, the news of Kane’s refusal to renew the contract is reported, and it is expected that he will focus on his life at Tottenham by focusing on training this summer to finish as beautifully as possible.

With Tottenham’s unreasonable offer set as the condition for Kane’s transfer, attention is paid to whether Munich can persuade Tottenham as much as possible to lower the transfer fee to the maximum amount they can offer.

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