Kane + Son Heung-min + ‘Director Lee’ is sure to succeed… “I promise you, it will work”

I am sure that Tottenham Hotspur will succeed if they appoint Brandon Rodgers.

Tottenham are in the midst of finding a new manager. Right now, this season is scheduled to be played under the acting coach system of Christian Stellini, but it is important to find a new coach as soon as possible in order to prepare for the next season. Several managers have emerged as candidates, but fans were frustrated by the news that Julian Nagelsmann and Mauricio Pochettino, who many fans wanted, rejected Tottenham’s offer.

A new candidate emerged. That’s Rogers. Not a bad candidate. Rogers recently left Leicester City for poor performance, but it is clear that he is still a proven manager. From his days at Swansea City카지노, he showed a definite tactical color, and when he commanded Liverpool, he won the English Premier League (EPL) runner-up. In Celtic, he achieved a domestic treble for two consecutive seasons, and in Leicester, he also set a record of winning the English Football Association Cup (FA Cup) for the first time in the history of the club.

Michael Antonio thought that if Tottenham hired Rodgers as manager, he could be successful. Antonio recently appeared on ‘The Footballers Football Podcast’ to reveal his thoughts on Rogers’ connection with Tottenham.

Antonio couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “(If Rogers takes over at Tottenham), I can’t believe it. Tottenham plays football based on deep bonds.”

He continued, “In Tottenham, Harry Kane can come down deep and get involved in play, and Son Heung-min can aim for a goal. I assure you, (Director Rogers) will succeed. I think it will definitely succeed.” He said he would be successful.

The reason was also that Rogers had a successful career at Liverpool. Antonio argued: “When Rogers took over at Liverpool, we lost the title by two points. He is talented and has the ability to succeed. If Rogers goes to Tottenham, I think it will definitely work for him.” supported

Meanwhile, it is known that in order to appoint Rogers, there is no need to pay any penalty. This is also good news for Tottenham.

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