Kang Joo-ha, who was recommended to play basketball by the swimming coach, was selected as the women’s midfield MVP

 Female midfielder MVP Kang Joo-ha (169cm, G) got involved with basketball at the recommendation of her swimming coach.

Onyang Girls’ Middle School defeated Dongju Girls’ Middle School 45-39 in the women’s middle division finals of the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship, which continued at the National Sports Center at Sportium in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do on the 12th. With the performances of Joo-ha Kang, who was selected as the best player, Hyo-joo Lee (16 points), and Eun-seo Yoo (12 points), the team kept the pride of the defending champion.

Kang Joo-ha, who showed steady performance throughout the game, led the team to the top with 15 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists while digesting full-time.

Kang Joo-ha, who met after completing all the schedules, said, “I didn’t think I would win. So she still can’t believe it,” she said, bewildered메이저사이트.

Continuing, he said, “I had a tough game from the preliminary round. As a result, his stamina was also greatly reduced. (Park Bum-Ik) I think he got good results thanks to the good words from the coach and the teammates’ coordination.”

Along with her championship trophy, she was also honored with the first MVP award of her career. The assist award was a bonus.

Kang Joo-ha, who honestly confessed his feelings, saying, “I wanted to win MVP,” said, “I feel strange (laughs). I am grateful to my colleagues and juniors who worked hard,” he said, giving credit for his award to his teammates.

Kang Joo-ha first encountered track and field before starting basketball. He has an unusual history of catching a basketball at the recommendation of his swimming coach after quitting track and field.

“I used to do athletics. After quitting track and field, he tried to swim. But my swimming coach recommended basketball, so I grabbed a basketball.” Kang Joo-ha said.

As a former track and field athlete, his strength is his strong running speed. He said, “When I went to a track and field event, I used to run the 100m in 14 to 15 seconds. As such, he is confident in his speed. Instead, the power seems weak,” he said, referring to his strengths and weaknesses.

Kang Joo-ha, who wants to be an essential player on the team, said, “Heo Ye-eun is my role model. He is short, but he is good at passing and I want to be like the part where he hits a shot at a decisive moment.”

Finally, Kang Joo-ha said, “My goal is to become a professional player. It is my dream as a basketball player to play as a starting player in a professional team,” he said about his future.

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