Kim Da-in and Shin Yeon-kyung missed the 2nd week of the national team, the remaining task is ‘safe’

The first week of not getting even a single set has passed, and the second week is already one day ahead. In the meantime, two players were ruled out due to injuries.

On the 13th, the Korea Volleyball Association (Chairman Oh Han-nam) announced the roster of the Korean women’s volleyball team to play in the second week of the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) through its official SNS account. 

With libero Shin Yeon-kyung and setter Kim Da-in ruled out due to injury, Lee Joo-ah, Park Eun-jin, Lee Da-hyun, Jung Ho-young (above middle blocker), Kim Da-eun, Park Jung-ah, Kim Mi-yeon, Pyo Seung-joo, Kang So-hui, Jeong Ji-yoon (above outside hitter), Yum Hye-seon, and Kim Ji-won (above setter) ), Moon Jung-won (Libero), and Moon Ji-yoon (Aposite Spiker) filled the roster. 

As Shin Yeon-kyung fell out, Moon Jung-won’s shoulders became heavy. She showed a much better figure than expected in the situation where she changed her position, but the replacement power disappeared and the burden was heavy. In order to finish all the schedules until July, holding on well became a priority. 

The vacancy of Kim Da-in, who supported Yeom Hye-sun as a good backup in a shaky situation, is also large. It is an international stage that requires fast, high toss, stable and varied distribution. The key is that Kim Ji-Won’s스포츠토토 feet quickly chase the ball. 

Earlier in the first week, Korea realized the height limit against European countries, and was not able to use its hands very much against Asian countries due to its speed. He struggled with his blocking height and reading, and he stagnated in both offense and defense. Even in the second week, there is little chance of dramatically improving the score. Currently, the number of injured players is good, but it is necessary to safely digest the 3rd week schedule without additional injuries. 

Even in the schedule for the second week, there is no team to think about easily. Starting with Brazil, which ranked first as of June 14, a match is scheduled against Japan, Croatia, and Germany, which are ranked the highest among Asian countries (7th). 

The Brazilian roster, which will be the host and the first to meet in Week 2, has Ana Cristina (Apogeit Spiker) ruled out due to an injury to her right knee. 

Croatia lost one win to Korea at last year’s World Championship, but there is no guarantee that it will give up a victory this time as well. Carelessness is forbidden. Croatia won a set against the United States in their most recent match. Milos scored 15 points, Mihaljevic scored 14 points and Karatovic scored 14 points.

The Korean national team is scheduled to return home via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 21st after digesting the second week in Brazil. Afterwards, the schedule for the last 3 weeks will continue from the 27th to July 2nd at Chilbo Gymnasium in Seosuwon. 

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