Kim Do-young, who got rid of the ‘Super Rookie’ label, also brushed off the burden… “I am very determined this year”

“This year is an extraordinary year from the resolution.”

KIA Tigers Kim Do-young said about spring camp ahead of departure at Incheon International Airport on the 30th, “I feel very happy and happy just to go to spring camp this year. This year is an extraordinary year from the resolution. I wonder if I should take it with me. I think it will be exciting and fun.”

Wearing a KIA uniform as the first pick 메이저사이트 for the 2022 rookie draft, Kim Do-young wielded a batting average of 0.432 OPS and 1.068 in an exhibition game last year and was called a “super rookie.” However, his regular season was below expectations. He appeared in 103 games and he had a batting average of 0.237 with 3 home runs and 19 RBIs for an OPS of just 0.674. 

Looking back on last year, Kim Do-young said, “There were a lot of things I missed, but it was a good year because there were things I was satisfied with. This year, I have a strong desire to settle down.” It was a feeling. The top priority is to become a starting player in any position. If the opportunity is given, I will prepare well to catch it.”

Regarding the title of ‘Super Rookie’, Kim Do-young said, “I didn’t think I felt (burdened), but I think I felt a lot in my body. It’s just good,” he said.

Kim Do-young was unable to join Geelong Korea in the Australian League due to a toe injury last November. How did you spend the off season? Kim Do-young said, “I thought I had to learn a lot this off-season, so I moved busy. I developed a lot of stamina and did the necessary exercises. I did core training and went to Pilates because it was very helpful for baseball. I did these exercises at the same time.”

Kim Do-young, who got rid of the ‘Super Rookie’ label, prepares for the 2023 season with a new mind. Will his potential explode in his second professional season?

Kim Do-young said, “Honestly, I always have confidence. I am more confident this year than last year. I think it will be fun and I am excited. My goal is to finish the camp without getting hurt.” I want to,” he said.

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