“Kim Gun-hee’s ‘veil,’ used only by royal women” Kim Eojoon, corrected, but…

The Korea Broadcasting Standards Commission has issued an “advisory” for broadcaster Kim Eojoon for referring to a hat with a veil worn by Mrs. Kim Gun-hee, wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol, at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The council’s Broadcast Review Subcommittee made the decision at its meeting on Sept. 9 regarding the broadcast of TBS’s “Kim Eojoon’s News Factory.

In the September 20 broadcast, Kim commented on the black veil hat that Kim wore at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, saying, “There is a tradition at the British royal funeral, and only women in the royal family wear fishnet veils. So women from other countries attending the funeral can wear black hats but not veils. At a royal family funeral안전놀이터, it’s just the royal family. At least in the UK,” she said.

Two days later, on Sept. 22, Kim corrected herself in the same broadcast, saying, “I said that only royalty wore black veils to British royal funerals because it is a tradition of royalty, but I was wrong.”

President Yoon Seok-yul’s wife, Kim Gun-hee, and broadcaster Kim Er-joon (Photo by Newsis, TBS)
In response to Mr. Kim’s unclear statement, Commissioner Kim Yoo-jin said, “It is possible to make critical comments about the attire of leaders and their spouses or the protocol, but it is difficult to see a problem because there are parts that are clearly untrue.” However, as he admitted that he had made a mistake, he said that it should be limited to “administrative guidance.

“I doubt that the issue of wearing a fishnet hat or not wearing a fishnet hat is something that should be deliberated,” said Commissioner Ok Si-chan, “but if you broadcast something that is not true, you can’t just pass it off. However, I think the matter is minor,” and judged it as a ‘recommendation’.

Commissioner Kim Woo-seok pointed out that “there is definitely an aspect that makes it very confusing because it seems to be criticizing and challenging things about protocol and protocol as a head of state.” He added, “The intention is clear.

“The intent is clear. The intention is clear, and it’s a low-grade way of attacking the weak link, and it’s less about the content itself and more about how the listener will take this, which is a very good source of oral history,” he said, adding, “It’s a very serious matter to report such things incorrectly.”

On the day, the commissioners voted for the administrative guidance level of “recommendation,” with three members making a “recommendation” and two members making a “statement of opinion.

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