‘Kim Seon-hyung and Warney’s 34-point collaboration’ SK wins the 5th round of the championship… ‘-1 win’ to win

 Professional basketball Seoul SK won the 4th and 5th games of the championship match (4 out of 7) and won only 1 win for two consecutive seasons.

SK won 66-60 in the 5th game of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 3rd, thanks to the performance of Jamil Warney and Kim Seon-hyung, one-two punchers.

After winning the first game, SK, which lost the second and third games in a row, won the fourth game on the 1st, 100-91, and then won the fifth game and was on the verge of winning.

The probability that the team that won the 5th game after 2 wins and 2 losses in the previous championship match won the championship is 81.8% (9 out of 11 times).

SK, which stood at the top of the 2021-2022 season championship match, will become champion for two consecutive seasons if it wins the 6th game at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th.

Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney, the main players of SK ‘Molppang Basketball’, won the team’s victory. Kim Seon-hyung scored 16 points, including 3 points and 4 shots. Warney scored 18 points with his unique floater, and also kicked 15 rebounds.

Even at the end of the game, the two goals led the flow to SK.

Oh Jae-hyun scored 14 points, including 3 wedges with 38 seconds l

KGC Ginseng Corporation, which aims to win the regular league championship as the top team, was driven to the edge of a cliff without maintaining the advantage of 2 wins and 1 loss.

Omari Spellman, the main gun of KGC Ginseng Corporation, who had faltered with 9 points in the 4th game of the championship match, came back to life with 23 points and 11 rebounds.

On this day, as in the 4th game, SK excluded Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, the main players of ‘Molppang Basketball’, from the starting lineup, and put them in with about 4 minutes left after the end of the 1st quarter.

SK, narrowly trailing 22-23 in the first quarter, took the flow in the second quarter.

Kim Seon-hyung’s 3-point 3-point 3-point, which had broken two 3-pointers after being introduced in the middle of the 1st quarter, exploded fiercely even in the 2nd quarter. Heo Il-young’s mid-range shot added strength.

After the start of the 2nd quarter, SK, who opened the score car to 38-26 while the scorer of KGC Ginseng Corporation was silent for 5 minutes after the start of the 2nd quarter, exploded to Warney’s 3 points크크크벳 11 seconds before the end of the first half, finishing the first half with 41-28.

SK couldn’t stop Spellman in the 3rd quarter and was chased by KGC Ginseng Corporation.

eft in the game, and Heo Il-young helped the team win with 10 points and 8 rebounds.

As Spellman’s offensive power revived, KGC Ginseng Corporation pulled the reins of the chase, and Abando and Moon Sung-gon’s successive block shots took a quick break chance, Oh Se-geun’s shot below the goal and Abando’s dunk shot, overturning the game 44-43.

After that, a seesaw game in which it was difficult to predict an inch ahead followed. The flow was tight until the middle of the 4th quarter, with Spellman responding equally to Heo Il-young’s 3 points.

KGC Ginseng Corporation took a narrow lead, 57-53, with Oh Se-geun, Byun Jun-hyung, and Spellman scoring, and SK took the lead again to 62-58 with Warney’s layup shot and Kim Sun-hyung’s fast break.

KGC Ginseng Corporation caught up with Oh Se-geun’s under-the-goal shot, but SK kept the lead when KGC Ginseng Corporation had an opportunity to attack Spellman’s 3-point shot off the rim.

With 38 seconds left in the game, SK ran away 66-60 with Oh Jae-hyun exploding a 3-pointer, consolidating the victory.

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