KLPGA SBS Golf Lotte Open Dream Tour begins

The KLPGA 2023 SBS Golf Lotte Open Dream Tour (total prize money of 70 million won, championship prize of 10.5 million won), which opens the door to the 2023 season KLPGA Dream Tour, will be held at Lotte Skyhill Buyeo Country Club in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do for two days from the 27th. (par 72, 6076 yards).

KLPGT decided to hold the ‘Lotte Open Qualifying Tournament’, which served as a gateway to the KLPGA regular tour, as a single Dream Tour event, not a tournament, with the intention of maximizing tour competitiveness through the revitalization of the Dream Tour and the expansion of a single tournament starting this year메이저사이트. .

The privilege of granting the right to participate in the 2023 Lotte Open scheduled to be held for four days from June 1 to the top 16 pros and 3 amateurs in the final grade will be given the same as before.

The KLPGT said, “Lotte and SBS Golf agreed to hold the Qualifying Tournament as a Dream Tour starting this year in order to further activate the Dream Tour and strengthen its role as a nurturing tour.” I hope that Cinderella, who will bring the wind, will be born.”

A total of 144 players, including 120 pros and 24 recommended amateurs, announced their participation.

33 out of 39 seed holders for the 2023 KLPGA Dream Tour threw a ballot, and 87 seeders determined through the KLPGA 2023 MC Square-Gunsan CC Dream Tour seed ranking match threw a challenge.

Jo Jung-min (29), who debuted on the regular tour in 2013 and recorded a total of 5 wins, and Choi Hye-yong (33), Choi Ga-ram (31), Kim Hee-jun (23), Moon Jung-min (21), and Park Dan-yu (28), Park Bo-gyeom (25), Park Hye-joon (20), etc.

24 amateurs recommended by the organizing committee will also participate. Park Ye-ji (18), Yoo Hyeon-jo (18), Seo Kyo-rim (17), and Lee Jung-hyun (17), who are active as the 2023 national team, will participate in the competition.

The Dream Tour, which will be fiercely competitive for about eight months, will be held with 20 competitions and a total prize money of 1.84 billion won.

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