Korea’s first shortstop-2nd baseman GG award winner “Plays like Altoran and par”

Even a player who won both the shortstop and second baseman Golden Gloves (GG) for the first time in the KBO League is always nervous and happy to be selected for the national team. Kiwoom infielder Kim Hye-seong (24) could not hide his joy when he was selected for the WBC national team to be held in Tokyo, Japan in March.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” he said. “There are so many outstanding players, so I just waited and prayed. I want to help the national team while working like Altoran.”

Kim Hye-seong joined Kiwoom in 2017 메이저사이트 and became a starter from the second year. In particular, over the past six seasons, he has steadily improved his batting average and is recording a career batting average of 0.292 in the KBO League. His quick feet and wide range of defense are his specialties. In 2021, he will be selected for the Tokyo Olympics and will wear his first Taegeuk mark. Despite being his first national team selection, he went 8-for-13 with a batting average of 0.615 in six appearances.

His outstanding performance in the national team and last season’s batting average of 30% and winning the Golden Glove at second base, but the WBC national team is likely to play as a pinch hitter and a pinch runner. This is because Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) and Thomas Hyeon-su Edman (St. Louis), who play in the US Major League, overlap with him. However, Kim Hye-seong said, “I am happy to be able to play with (Kim) Ha-seong,” and “I think I need to think about what to do while watching the baseball trend on the bench.”

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