KT declares comprehensive media business… “Aim for media sales of 5 trillion won by 2025”

KT will start the value chain of the media and content business within the group in earnest, centered on KT Studio Genie and ENA . It is an aspiration to be reborn as a global comprehensive media operator beyond being the No. 1 domestic pay-TV operator.

KT Group held ‘Media Day’ at Novotel in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul on the 18th and announced plans to become a true ‘contents house’ by expanding the genre spectrum and strengthening originality this year. It also unveiled a new product, ‘Genie TV

All-in-one Set-top Box.’ Last year , KT Group’s content sector ( KT Studio Genie, ENA , Genie Music, Millie’s Library, Storywiz) recorded about 500 billion won in sales. KT Group’s total media sales last year, including the content sector, grew by 9% year-on-year to 4.2 trillion won. The goal is to achieve 5 trillion won in sales by 2025.

◇ KT Studio Genie토스카지노 expands the spectrum of works and strengthens originality

KTStudio Genie set this year’s keyword as ‘spectrum expansion’. We are preparing works of various genres such as human drama, romance, comedy as well as thriller and fantasy. To this end, the lineup of 19 original dramas has been revealed. Beginning with the first broadcast of this month, ‘Happiness Battle’, ‘House with a Yard’ and ‘Nam-Nam’ are scheduled to be aired sequentially.

Next year, KT Studio Genie will strengthen its originality with a work that reveals its color. KT Studio Genie 1st Series Contest grand prize winner ‘Parole Examiner Lee Han-shin’ and KT Studio Genie’s self-planned ‘Godly Gold Badge’ will also showcase a number of works.

Kim Chul-yeon , CEO of KT Studio Genie , said, “We will broaden the spectrum and strengthen originality so that all desired content can be found in the KT Studio Genie lineup by finding a gap in the needs of viewers that have not been met .”

◇ 1st anniversary ENA , sales growth of 67%… “Growth into a KRW 1 trillion value channel” ENA

, which celebrated its first anniversary, has risen from 24th to 11th after rebranding its channel name. Sales increased by 67% to exceed KRW 110 billion. It is evaluated that the synergy effect of the merger between Sky TV and Media Genie worked. ENA

plans to provide ENA contents to the world by developing intellectual property ( IP ) that encompasses global online video services ( OTT ) beyond TV channels . ENA CEO Yoon Yong-pil said, “We will enter the top 5 domestic channels through continuous investment and provision of quality content . “

At KT ‘s 2023 media strategy introduction and presentation held at Novotel Ambassador Dongdaemun, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 16th, a model introduces ‘Genie TV All-in-one Set-top Box’. Reporter Jiho Park jihopress @ etnews.com

◇ ‘Genie TV All-in-One Set Top Box’ released… Set-top box, router and AI speaker all in one

KT introduced ‘Genie TV All-in-one Set-top Box ( STB )’. STB features an ‘all-in-one’ design that integrates an IPTV set-top box, wireless internet router, and AI speaker into one. For the first time in IPTV, ‘Dolby Vision’ and ‘ HDR10 +’ are simultaneously supported. It is explained that KT is the only one that supports HDR10 + . Kang Kook-hyun, head of KT’s customer division (president), said , “With the slowdown in pay-TV growth becoming a reality, we will maintain sales and increase ARPU through premium set-top boxes, etc. ” We will provide the best content viewing experience to our customers.”

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