KT Wiz finishes spring camp in Tucson, Arizona… MVP Kang Min-seong

 Professional baseball KT Wiz successfully finished the 2023 spring camp held in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 6th Korean time.

KT departed for Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 29th of last month and completed physical strength and tactical training and evaluation matches for 33 days from March 1st. Through the camp, they strengthened their teamwork and focused on strengthening their depth. He raised his sense of practice by playing five evaluation matches with the WBC national team and NC Dinos.

We also confirmed the growth of promising players. Five 2023 new players (Kim Jeong-woon, Kim Gun-woong, Son Min-seok, Ryu Hyun-in, and Jung Joon-young) and a significant number of young players such as Son Dong-hyun, Park Se-jin, Kang Hyun-woo, and Kang Min-seong, who returned from military service, also participated in this camp.

Kim Sang-soo and Bo Shul-seo, newcomers to the team, also smoothly adapted to the team. He led the training atmosphere and was evaluated as a role model for junior players with a sincere attitude along with the existing veteran players.

Infielder Kang Min-seong was selected as the Spring Camp MVP for his diligent training attitude and good performance in the evaluation match. Park Se-jin and Kim Young-hyeon won the award for excellent pitchers, and Oh Yun-seok and Kang Hyeon-woo won the award for excellent batters.안전놀이터

Head coach Kim Tae-gyun, who directed the camp, said, “I am satisfied that the camp was finished without any injured players.” Both the front desk and field staff had a hard time.”

Captain Park Kyung-soo said, “Although the coach and key players have been selected for the national team, I am grateful to the coaches and staff for creating an atmosphere where we can train brightly.” ”he emphasized.

Kang Min-seong, who was selected as the camp MVP, said, “I’m happy to receive an unexpected MVP.”

“During the camp, Park Kyung-soo, Hwang Jae-gyun, and Kim Sang-soo seniors told me a lot of good things and helped me to gain confidence,” he said. “I think I won MVP thanks to the coaches and seniors. I will work harder to repay the gratitude.”

Meanwhile, the KT team will return to Korea on flight KE012 at 5:10 am on the 8th.

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