Laguna scored 2 points, which was painful. Triple-double level performance Kim Seon-hyung & winner Wonny. SK 2nd consecutive double battle, KCC 3rd overall advance to the semifinals

Seoul SK defeated KCC and succeeded in advancing to the semifinals.

SK defeated Jeonju KCC 77-72 in the 3rd game of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Round of 6 playoffs (3 best-of-5) held at the Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th.

SK, who recorded all three wins, succeeded in advancing to the semifinals, and fought desperately to advance to the championship match with Changwon LG, which ranked second in the regular league.

In SK, Jameel Warney played a big role with 30 points and 13 rebounds, and Kim Seon-hyeong (10 points, 10 assists, 8 rebounds) played a triple-double level performance. In KCC, Heo Woong (20 points), Lee Seung-hyun (9 points), and Jeon Jun-beom (11 points) struggled, but La Gun-ah only scored 2 points and was sluggish.

▶ 1st Quarter = Targets of both teams that identified weaknesses

KCC suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat in the 2nd game. However, the transition definitely survived. Kim Ji-Wan and Jung Chang-Young moved quickly as they received the hand-off pass, causing cracks in SK’s defense.

Heo Ung also contributed by recklessly breaking through. One of SK’s subtle weaknesses is the height under the goal. It is also related to Choi Jun-yong’s absence. The combination of Jameel Warney and Choi Boo-kyung is a good combination for organized under-the-goal attacks, but has weaknesses in rim protection.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin aimed for SK’s weak point under the goal, and KCC executed it on the court. However, defense was a problem. SK proceeded with the attack like water flowing. The 2v2 between Seonhyung Kim and Warney is the centerpiece. Kim Seon-hyung easily approached the mid-range area and maximized the attack efficiency by connecting to the vacant Choi Bu-kyung. In fact, here is KCC Laguna’s defensive weakness. His range of activities has rapidly narrowed, and he is unable to properly hedge and recover in a two-on-two defense. Knowing this limit, KCC entrusted Warney with a 1v1 defense, but had to allow a 2v2 attack inevitably. It was not easy to systematically cover this empty space when Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun were not in perfect physical condition. At the

beginning of the game, Choi Bu-kyung was the most noticeable player in SK’s offense. KCC is a momentary double team to Warney. However, Choi Boo-kyung skillfully occupied the empty spot and scored easily.

15-9, operation time of KCC.

Warney broke through Laguna’s concentration check and scored 2 points. Heo Ung’s 3-point miss. A quick break time for SK to perfectly catch the start. However, Jung Chang-young turned the atmosphere around with a witty still. Heo Woong’s 3 stores exploded. When SK Kim Seon-hyung’s layup shot missed, Heo Woong’s 3-pointer from the corner this time. SK was able to take a lead of more than 10 points. It quickly became a tie.

However, a moment of luck came to SK. Choi Won-hyeok’s 2-point shot passed the rim as it was kicked out during the attack time limit. However, Heo Ung split the defense between double teams and then scooped a shot. 24-21, SK’s 3-point lead.

▶2nd quarter = Jeon Jun-beom’s attack. Song Dong-hoon and Thompson Song Dong-hoon were put in for the hidden credit

. A quick attack by steel. After that, the mid jumper using the screen exploded. 25-24, reversed by KCC.

KCC’s momentum in the second quarter was formidable. Heo Ung’s bounce pass, Thompson’s floater passed through the rim, and Heo Ung even induced an attacker’s foul. Soon after, Heo Ung and Lee Seung-hyun’s 2-2 pick & pop was a clean success. SK made another mistake.

Lee Seung-hyun showed off his power. Mid jumper after bumping Choi Boo-kyung. When Kim Seon-hyung’s floater missed, he got 2 foul free throws and all were successful. 33-24, 9 points KCC lead. Operation time of SK.

However, Song Dong-hoon took advantage of Warney’s long dribble and succeeded in stealing and speeding again. It was a scene that completely broke the flow of SK.

However, SK was also not easy. Seong-Won Choi took advantage of the momentary gap and managed to score 3 points, then KCC roared as Jeon Jun-Beom burst into 3 points. Afterwards, after blocking Warney’s shot, Jeon Jun-beom broke through the bottom of the goal.

After that, SK had a problem with the attack. There was a reason for this. KCC had Song Dong-hoon and Thompson on the court. Thompson’s hedge and recovery were smooth. Song Dong-hoon put pressure on Kim Seon-hyung. In other words, SK’s 2v2 was not smooth. Warney’s one-on-one isolation was blocked by Lee Seung-hyun’s proper help defense. An error came out, and KCC connected with an early offense. The off-season KCC’s early offense was organized and powerful. These strengths matched.

Jeon Jun-beom and Heo Ung’s three stores exploded in a row. The attack was led by Jeon Jun-beom, but the hidden creditors were Song Dong-hoon and Thompson. 46-30, 16-point lead.

For KCC, finishing the second quarter was important. The problem was SK Warney’s poor offensive efficiency. In the end, the first half ended with KCC leading 49-34, 15 points.

The first half is perfectly flowed by KCC. SK’s attack system was completely broken as Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney’s two-on-two attack did not work properly. If Jaehyun Oh had been there, he could have won with strong pressure defense, but he couldn’t use that card. In the end, I had to go tight while putting back fire in the attack, but I failed. For KCC, Thompson and Lee Seung-hyun’s dedicated help defense subtly cut off the SK 2-2 rhythm. In addition, with Heo Il-young and Choi Bu-kyung at the same time, the team speed itself slowed down.

KCC caused SK’s mistakes with a strong defense, and immediately attacked with a quick attack or early offense. It is a self-explanatory fact that early offense is more efficient. The objective power itself was the key reason SK, which had an advantage, fell behind by 15 points.

▶ 3rd Quarter = Laguna’s sluggishness & Warney’s counterattack

The beginning of the 3rd quarter was important for SK. In KCC, Laguna returned to the court. Warney got a free throw after a series of offensive rebounds. However, in KCC, Heo Ung scored 3 points.

From this point on, the ’15-point battle’ began. KCC suffered a painful come-from-behind loss in the second game. 15 points is the turning point. KCC needed to break SK’s pursuit by spreading more than 15 points, and SK needed to quickly enter within the 10-point gap and apply strong psychological pressure.

SK used Warney to intensively attack the bottom of KCC’s goal, which Laguna had endured. Lee Seung-hyun briefly stepped back to the bench with 6 minutes and 24 seconds left in the third quarter. 52-41, 11 points behind.

After KCC’s offensive rebound, Jeon Jun-beom’s 3 points exploded. Again, Warney shoots under the goal against Laguna. SK entered with a 9-point lead. Song Dong-Hun scored a 3-pointer. Then, Warney succeeded in breaking through the bottom of the goal again.

Without Lee Seung-hyun’s help defense, Warney started to take over the bottom of the goal again. Afterwards, Kim Seon-hyung’s fast-breaking layup shot exploded. Operation time of KCC.

Lee Seung-hyun and Thompson came out again. Warney managed to push in from under the goal. When Kim Seon-hyeong’s fast break floater came out, a footback scored. After that, Kim Seon-hyung’s quick attack came out again. SK’s pursuit by 2 points in an instant.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter, Laguna and Heo Ung were disappointed with the defense. The activity that was good in the first half has declined. I had to break the flow in the attack, but there was no impact in the attack. It was unfortunate from KCC’s point of view, but this was the structural limit this season.

KCC reintroduces Jung Chang-young and Kim Ji-wan. Jung Chang-young made two free throws that broke the flow. 60-57, KCC lead by 3 points. SK’s pursuit was quite fierce. Kim Seon-hyung’s quick attack came out, and Warney started to take over the bottom of the goal.

KCC had a dilemma. Laguna couldn’t control Warney at all in the air and defense. He couldn’t even penetrate the bow of the attack.

▶ 4th Quarter = Warney & Kim Seon-hyung finally exploded.

For KCC, the first half was very important. Choi Bu-kyung’s breakthrough was successively blocked by Lee Seung-hyun. Kim Ji-wan’s two foul free throws and Thompson’s footback scored. KCC started to take the flow again메이저사이트. Choi Boo-gyeong complained of pain in his knee after the breakthrough. However, it was not a major injury. When the atmosphere turns unusual again, SK’s operation time.

Warney broke through the bottom of the goal twice in a row. Warney did a good job. KCC Thompson was unable to stop Warney while checking Kim Seon-hyung’s movement. But Thompson’s defense was solid.

Crisis at KCC. At this time, Kim Ji-wan, who played a big role in the second game, flashed. Kim Ji-Wan’s 3-point shot when the 24-second attack time limit was almost exhausted. passed through the rim. Choi Won-hyeok’s foul came out. 7 points again.

KCC entered Warney as a double team. Then, SK Choi Seong-won passed the kick-out pass to Heo Il-young after breaking through the bottom of the goal. 3 points went through the rim. 68-64, 4-point lead.

At this time, Warney exploded a fantastic step back fade away 3 points. The 3-pointer, forced to throw after being chased by the attack time limit, passed the rim. SK, which gained momentum, connects to Choi Boo-kyung after Kim Seon-hyung’s breakthrough. 1 point difference.

At this time, Lee Seung-hyun’s attacker foul came out. This part was embarrassing. Choi Boo-gyeong bumped Lee Seung-hyun first. When Lee Seung-hyun reacted, Choi Bu-gyeong fell. Then, the referee fouled the attacker as it was.

In KBL, there are only a lot of moves that the defender bumps first and then, when the attacker reacts, increases the ‘action’ to get the attacker fouled.

Heo Ung’s mid jumper failed. Then, Kim Seon-hyeong broke through Choi Bu-kyung’s goal. SK’s early offense punished them. 71-70, SK’s comeback.

Heo Woong’s 3 stores failed. Warnie retaliates with the plotter. 1 minute left. 73-70, SK’s lead. At this time, Kim Ji-wan was tricked by Seong-won Choi’s fake with 4.4 seconds left in the SK attack limit. 2 foul free throws.

Seongwon Choi succeeded in everything. 5-point lead, 44.1 seconds remaining.

Heo Woong’s 3-pointer missed again. The game ended here. SK’s 3-game winning streak.

SK was not in normal performance in the 3rd game. However, in the second half of the match, Warney’s breakthrough under the goal and Kim Seon-hyung’s quick attack broke out, resulting in a come-from-behind victory. However, the vacuum of power without Choi Jun-yong and Oh Jae-hyun was clearly visible.

KCC suffered from the sluggishness of Laguna, who had to play a role in the attack. Defensive weaknesses were evident. Heo Ung was quite good in the first half, but his shooting selection was very poor in the second half when his stamina was low.

However, KCC showed quite strong performances in the 2nd and 3rd games. Kim Ji-wan, Song Dong-hun, Jung Chang-young, Lee Seung-hyun, and Thompson showed no signs of giving up. Despite the inferiority in objective power, both the 2nd and 3rd matches showed a lead of more than 15 points. The family law that Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong were normal was the best-of-six series that had no choice but to come out thick to KCC fans.

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