Lee Gyu-saeng succeeds in being re-elected as the president of the Incheon Sports Council… 4 more years term

In the second civil election Incheon City Sports Council election, candidate Kyu-saeng Lee (67), the current president, was elected and succeeded in re-election.

According to the Incheon City Election Commission on the 15th, candidate Lee Gyu-saeng was elected with 149 votes (45.2%) out of a total of 330 valid votes in the Incheon City Sports Association election held at the meeting room of the body sports association in Michuhol-gu, Incheon on the same day.

Kang In-deok (65) won 103 votes (31.2%) and Shin Han-yong (62) 78 votes (23.6%) respectively. 토토사이트

330 out of 391 electoral votes participated in this vote, recording a voter turnout of 84.4%.

Currently, Lee Gyu-saeng-elect is the 1st civil elected president of the Incheon City Sports Association and the chairman of the Korea Sports Association’s Living Sports Committee.

He will lead the Incheon City Sports Association for four more years after filling the first term of the civil election until February next year.

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