“Lee Ki-young, after killing his father, jokes about ‘father’ notes in his bankbook”… Taxi driver’s daughter

Regarding the fact that Lee Gi-yeong (32)메이저사이트, who killed a cohabitant and a taxi driver in succession, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first trial, the victim’s daughter complained of injustice, saying, “I did not think that a non-death sentence would be handed down.”

Netizen A, who identified herself as the daughter of the victim’s taxi driver, said to an online community on the 20th, “My family has become a situation of grief and outrage.”

Mr. A said, “I can’t understand the result of Lee Ki-young’s sentence to life imprisonment. I was really careful about saying a word to the media, and I was extremely restrained from exposing it, because I was afraid that someone would come out during the investigation or trial.” I don’t think that is the right answer.”

Regarding the situation at the time when Lee Gi-young pretended to be his father and exchanged KakaoTalk messages, he said, “I lied that I had a car accident and that there was a death, so I was taking care of the aftermath.” My heart skipped a beat when I heard it. The contact I received after reporting my father missing was the news of his death.”

“Right after the murder of her father, Lee Ki-young downloaded the bank app on her father’s cell phone and transferred the balance to her bank acco

Mr. A was enraged at Lee Ki-young’s bizarre behavior and also disclosed the contents of KakaoTalk and some of the details of the toss transfer.

He complained, “In order to confirm the identity of my father’s body, at the morgue at the funeral home, the funeral director told me that my father’s face was severely damaged and that I would be shocked.”

He said that he submitted a petition because he was not satisfied with the outcome of the trial. In the petition, “In the first trial, the court cited the defendant’s admission of guilt and the fact that he had made a deposit as the reason for the sentence. I don’t understand why it is a reason in favor of the defendant’s sentencing. Since we refused to reach an agreement, I know that the deposit will be refunded, but I don’t know who this formal deposit system is for.”

In addition, Mr. A said, “We are accepting public petitions to suggest the resurrection and execution of the death penalty, or alternative bills.” Emphasized. 

On the 19th, the Uijeongbu District Court Goyang Branch 1 Criminal Division (Chief Judge Choi Jong-won) sentenced Ki-young Lee to life imprisonment for robbery and murder and retaliatory murder under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes, and sentenced him to life imprisonment for 30 years. (Electronic anklet) ordered to be attached.

The judge said, “The accused thoroughly planned the murder and the subsequent crime, and then followed the plan without hesitation.” He showed a very cruel attitude towards his face, such as maintaining his daily life as if nothing happened.”

Lee Ki-young killed a woman he lived with in August of last year and a taxi driver in December.

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