LG Lee Ji-gang’s identical ’12-year-old car’ younger brother “I’ll become a more famous player than my older brother”

I will become a more famous baseball player than Ji-gang hyung.”

SSG Choi Jeong-Choi Hang, Yu Won-sang (former KT) and Yu Min-sang (former KIA), and other baseball players who are active in Korean baseball, have several seats. are doing

Seven years later, LG Twins pitchers Lee Ji-gang and Lee Ji-ho dream of becoming another brother baseball player.안전놀이터

Jangan-gu Little Baseball Team outfielder Lee Ji-ho was born in 2011 and is a sixth grader in elementary school this year. He is known as the 12-year-old younger brother of LG Lee Ji-gang (born in 1999).

He said, “Since my older brother (Lee Ji-gang) plays baseball, I naturally came to like baseball.”

Lee Ji-gang’s middle school teacher, Jangan-gu Baseball Team coach Choi Jun-won, said of Lee Ji-ho, “Even though he started baseball less than a year ago, he is a player who puts in a lot of effort.” That’s right, and even the flexibility is very similar,” he explained.

In particular, Lee Ji-ho said that his older brother Lee Ji-gang was “the player he admires the most” and said, “Every time I see him playing baseball on TV, it’s so amazing.” “he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-gang graduated from Sorae High School and wore the LG uniform in the 9th round of the 2019 rookie draft.

After ranking first in the average ERA of the Futures Northern League last year, he posted an average ERA of 4.91 in 11 innings and 6 strikeouts in 4 games in the 1st team, and is considered a strong candidate for LG 5th starting this season.

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