Loser Abondanza coach “I’m ashamed that I couldn’t block Lee Ye-eun’s serve”

Heungkuk Life Insurance suffered a reverse defeat in the third game after two consecutive victories.

Heungkuk Life Insurance lost 1-3 in the 3rd game of the championship against Korea Expressway Corporation held in Gimcheon on the 2nd. It was a pity that the flow of winning the first set was not continued.

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Abondanza said, “There were opportunities in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sets. I was ahead by 4 to 5 points, but I couldn’t win.”

Then, when asked about Yelena’s attack success rate dropping, Abondanza briefly commented, “Today was not Yelena’s day스포츠토토.”

Regarding the part that handed over the flow of the game to Lee Ye-eun’s continuous serve, coach Abondanza said, “I knew the player’s serve in advance. I should have made a good catch, but I’m a little embarrassed. I’ll do a good analysis tonight and analyze the next game tomorrow.” said.

Heungkuk Life Insurance will play the 4th round of the championship match in Gimcheon on the 4th.

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