Manchester United colleagues are also disgusted… Jadon Sancho’s endless downfall

There was news that Manchester United players were also tired of Jadon Sancho.

Global sports media ‘ESPN’ said, “A source told us that Sancho is struggling to regain the support of his Manchester United teammates and manager Erik ten Haag. Sancho was left out of the squad for the Arsenal match because his training performance was unsatisfactory. After coach Ten Haag’s remarks, a post was posted on social media to refute them. However, the source said, “The players are sick of Sancho,” and there is little sympathy for Sancho within the Manchester United locker room, adding that Sancho has lost trust within the team. .토토사이트

The situation was like this. Manchester United lost 1-3 in the league match against Arsenal ahead of the international match. On this day, coach Ten Haag did not even place Sancho on the bench. When asked after the game why Sancho was removed from the squad, coach Ten Haag answered that it was because Sancho’s performance in training was not good.

Afterwards, Sancho posted on social media, “I can’t accept people saying things that aren’t true. I trained well this week. I think there was another reason. I’ve been the team’s scapegoat for a long time.” In fact, it was a post criticizing director Ten Haag’s remarks. Sancho still leaves this post at the top of his social media.

Sancho’s actions are not supported by fans. This is because Sancho has shown disappointing performance ever since he joined Manchester United. In his first season, the excuse was that he needed time to adapt to the Premier League (PL), but Sancho did not perform well last season under Ten Haag.

In particular, Sancho showed a mental breakdown when he was not included in the final list for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup due to his poor performance. It was difficult to avoid this criticism given that the person who helped Sancho at this time was none other than coach Ten Haag. It appears that It was reported that coach Ten Haag at the time helped Sancho recover mentally and physically during the World Cup break through his acquaintances in the Netherlands.

Sancho has become a player who represents the currently shaking atmosphere of Manchester United. Manchester United received a lot of expectations even before the season began because it was Manager Ten Haag’s second year, but since the season started, they have not performed well and have won 2 wins and 2 losses in 4 league games. Manchester United’s current ranking is 11th, the lowest among the Big 6 clubs along with Chelsea.

Manchester United managed to win 1-0 in the opening match against Wolverhampton despite poor performance, but suffered a 0-2 defeat in the subsequent away game to Tottenham Hotspur. In the 3rd round match against Nottingham Forest, they allowed 2 goals and then scored 3 goals to turn the game around, but they could not avoid criticism about their performance. The match against Arsenal, where they lost despite scoring the first goal, was not much different.

Usually, in the second year of a particular coach, the team tends to become more colorful. Moreover, coach Ten Haag was someone who clearly showed what his tactics were even in his first year last season, so expectations were higher for his second year. However, Manchester United continues to show disappointing performance. Although several key players, such as Raphael Varane and Luke Shaw, were out due to injuries, there was criticism pointing out the performance even before that.

In this situation, rumors of a discord between Sancho and coach Ten Haag are spreading, shaking the atmosphere at Manchester United both internally and externally. Although there is Sancho, the story about Antony cannot be left out.

Anthony is currently under police investigation for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Antoni’s ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavalin, claimed that in January, Antony assaulted her while she was pregnant at a hotel, leaving her with several injuries to her body. Although Antony denied the allegations, the Brazilian Football Association released him from his national team.

This happened less than a week after Mason Greenwood, who had a similar incident last year, left the team. Even though the controversy over Greenwood was not properly resolved, Manchester United suffered from another similar incident.

Manchester United announced that they are aware of Anthony’s allegations and that police are conducting an investigation. He says he will remain silent until further information is available. Meanwhile, the situation is getting worse as two more women claim to have suffered similar things from Anthony.

There is a close relationship between team atmosphere and performance. It is natural for the team atmosphere to deteriorate if the performance is poor, and conversely, it is difficult to expect good performance when the team atmosphere is poor. Manchester United has a clear goal for this season and needs to control the current chaotic atmosphere in order to achieve that goal.

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