Marey, who showed the power of the post heavily, proves LG’s pillar with his ‘double-double’ performance

The power of Asem Marey (202cm, C) is heavy.

Changwon LG won 85-80 against Suwon KT in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league held at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena on the 25th.

With the victory on this day, LG pursued No. 1 Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation by one game with 2 consecutive wins and 35 wins and 17 losses. In addition, it maintained a 1 game gap with 3rd place Seoul SK, which is competing for 2nd place.

LG and KT have competed for the right to air in the height battle. If KT puts forward a bottom-of-the-goal attack with Ha Yoon-ki (203cm, C), LG was impressive in attacking the opponent’s defense derived from Marais. In the confrontation up to the 5th round, LG had an average of 39 rebounds against KT, which was superior to KT with 34.

In addition, LG, which was strong in rebounding, scored 16.2 points by second chance and cooked under KT’s goal.

Ahead of the match, KT’s Ha Yoon-gi was excluded from the entry for the match because he got a dam in his back while warming up. With Ha Yoon-ki, one of KT’s tallies, missing, LG was able to easily play the post using Marey.

Marey had a lot of activity in the post area from the first quarter. He showed various post-up and bottom-of-the-box play that he had, and took a far superiority in the box-out against KT Lee Doo-won. Also, while showing a two-on-two play with Lee Jae-do (180cm, G), LG’s main guard, he seemed to be involved in Lee Jae-do’s scoring.

In the second quarter, Marey shared playing time with Dante Cunningham (203cm, F) and led the team’s offense. In particular, LG recorded 19 team rebounds until the 2nd quarter, but the concentration on the second chance was great with 9 rebounds in collaboration with Lee Jae-do.

Perhaps because of the heavy burden on Maray, KT put in Lester Prosper (207cm, C) and attempted a double team defense메이저사이트, but Maray did not back down easily, creating an outside chance for Jeong In-deok. With 3 minutes and 32 seconds left in the third quarter, Marey was hit in the face while defending Prosper and suffered an injury that caused his mouth to bleed, but fortunately it was not a major injury.

Marey, who was reintroduced in the 4th quarter after hemostasis, played his part again in KT’s pursuit with Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F) at the fore. In particular, in a situation where they were chased by 74-73 in the fourth quarter, Marey grabbed the rebound when Jeong In-deok’s middle shot missed, and he himself attempted a bottom-of-the-goal shot. He didn’t go right in, but he pushed lightly and saved LG’s lead.

Also, Marey grabbed a defensive rebound with 1:32 left in the 4th quarter and created a quick break opportunity for Lee Kwan-hee (193cm, G) with a baseball pass, putting a wedge in the game.

In the end, with the addition of Marey’s post performance and Lee Jae-do’s scoring instinct, LG was able to lead the competition for second place to SK on the 26th.

Marey, who played 27 minutes and 12 seconds that day, recorded a double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds. Marey, who made a strong presence as a foreign player in his second year in the KBL, is ranked first with an average of 12.7 rebounds this season.

Fans are looking forward to whether LG will succeed in winning second place based on Marey’s performance.

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