‘Meatwillan NEW CB’ Lee Han-beom, ‘split’ thigh muscle topic in strength test

 Denmark’s Mittjylland’s new centre-back Lee Han-beom drew attention by showing off his cracked thigh muscles during a strength test.토토사이트

On the 28th (Korean time), Meatwillan of the Danish Super League (1st division) posted a video of Lee Han-beom undergoing a club strength and medical test titled “Lee Han-beom has arrived at Meatwillan” on the club’s official YouTube account on the 28th (Korean time). Disclosed.

Lee Han-beom, who played for FC Seoul in the K-League 1 in Korea, made his first step in Europe by signing a 4-year contract with Mittwillan on the 28th.

Lee Han-beom is the main defender of Hwang Seon-hong, who will participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held on September 23rd. Born in 2002, he debuted at the big club Seoul two years ago and has played a total of 51 matches this season. His 188 cm tall body and his ability to provide air are considered his strengths. He played as a midfielder until his freshman year of high school, so he has excellent ball handling skills.

Lee Han-beom, who has been attracting attention since his teens, was also selected for the Republic of Korea under-17 national team led by coach Kim Jeong-soo at the time, and participated in the 2019 FIFA (International Football Federation) U-17 Brazil World Cup. Korea reached the quarterfinals for the third time in its career following 1987 and 2009. Lee Han-beom also played as the main defender in this tournament and grew up.  

In the meantime, after a soft landing in Seoul, the possibility of his overseas expansion has recently emerged, and the leading Danish club, Mittjylland, has been selected as his first destination in Europe. After completing all the procedures at Meatwillan, he succeeded in signing a four-year contract valid until June 2027. 

The transfer fee for Lee Han-beom is known to be 1.5 million euros (2.15 billion won).

After signing the contract, Meatwillan released a video of Lee Han-beom arriving at the club and undergoing a strength and medical test, the final stage of the transfer. Lee Han-beom departed for Denmark via Incheon International Airport on the 26th.

In the video, Lee Han-bum arrived at the club dressed in comfortable clothes in a slightly overcast weather. Arriving inside the club with an interpreter, Lee Han-beom had a little talk with the club officials, and immediately changed into sportswear and started taking tests.

Lee Han-beom first started taking a strength test. Under the direction of coach Mi Twillan, Lee Han-bum first moved left and right with a rubber band attached to his thigh, then lifted his left and right foot alternately with the rubber band hooked to the top of his foot.

Afterwards, he was subjected to various tests, such as lying on a mat, holding a ball between his legs, and applying strength to his thighs and abs for a certain amount of time.

Lee Han-beom also measured his thigh muscle strength, and at this time, Lee Han-beom’s thighs, which showed off their strong muscles with all their strength, drew attention.

Lee Han-beom sat on the exercise machine, fixed his ankle, and lifted his leg as much as he could when the coach gave a signal. When he lifted his leg, Lee Han-bum’s face wrinkled, and he could tell how much force he was exerting.

Some fans who watched the video expressed their admiration for Lee Han-bum’s clearly split thigh muscles.

Testing continued. This time, Lee Han-beom’s muscle strength was measured through a sensor, and the coach carefully checked how much force Lee Han-beom could apply when he opened or closed his thighs.

Lee Han-beom, who received a passing score after successfully completing all strength tests, entered the medical test, the final stage before signing his contract.

A medical test that checks a player’s physical condition and hidden injuries is very important in a transfer. Negotiations between clubs and personal agreements have all been completed, and in a situation where only one step is left before transfer, there are not a few cases where clubs give up recruiting because of the results of medical tests.

In particular, Lee Han-beom suffered knee injuries twice in the 2021 and 2022 seasons and was out of power for a long time.

Lee Han-beom, who was in the final stage of the transfer, fortunately underwent a medical test in a comfortable atmosphere. The doctor in charge of Lee Han-beom’s medical test checked Lee Han-beom’s legs to see if there were any problems with his muscles and back.

Afterwards, medical equipment was used to examine Lee Han-beom’s knees, calves, and ankles to see if there were any undiscovered or potential injuries. Fortunately, no problems were found, and Lee Han-bum successfully completed his medical test following the strength test.

After passing the strength and medical tests, Mittwillan signed a contract with Lee Han-beom, and immediately announced the recruitment through the club’s website and social media.

When announcing the recruitment, Mittwillan Sports Director Sven Graversen praised Lee Han-beom, saying, “Lee Han-beom is a young player who has made breakthroughs in the top league in Korea over the past year.”

“Lee Han-beom is physically strong, has excellent athletic ability, is good at physical combat, and is good at both power and reading the game,” he said. “At the same time, he is a ball playing defender who can make the game. is,” he added.

“We are dealing with a humble young man who has big dreams and knows he has a lot of work to do,” he said. We have to make it happen,” he said.

Lee Han-beom, who entered the European stage for the first time in his life after joining Meatwillan, expressed his joy and determination, saying, “I am happy to come to Europe and Meatwillan. The important thing for me now is to make a difference in the stadium.”

He said, “I watched the team’s many games and felt it was attractive to move to Mittwillan because of the aggressive and active play style.” “This is my clear goal for next year.”

The reason why Lee Han-beom’s transfer to Meatwillan is attracting attention is that Cho Kyu-seong, who scored two goals against Ghana at the World Cup in Qatar last year and became a multi-goal hero in a single match in the Korean soccer world cup, moved to the same team first last month.

Cho Kyu-seong, who was active in Jeonbuk, decided to transfer to Mittwillan last month after receiving attention from various clubs, including the English second division. His transfer fee was about 4 billion won.

Even when he left Jeonbuk, there were many voices of regret about Cho Kyu-sung’s transfer to Mittjylland, as he was caught up in controversy over the low level of the Danish league. However, Kyu-Sung Cho completely changed this view within a month.

He scored goals in three consecutive matches at the beginning of the regular season and scored four goals in nine matches until he collapsed due to a recent hamstring injury, including scoring one goal in the third qualifying round for the UEFA Europa Conference League. Considering that Cho Kyu-seong controls his playing time and has about 530 minutes of playing time, his goal purity is even higher.

In addition, as Mittwillan’s signature winger Gustav Isaacsen moved to Italy’s prestigious Lazio, and Cho Kyu-sung and Sori Cava, who had been competing as strikers, moved to Las Palmas, Spain, examples of direct transfers to the big leagues appeared one after another, and Cho Kyu-seong also played a big role in Mittwillan. It has been proven that you can go to the league.

Encouraged by the great performance of the Korean striker, Mittwillan has now recruited a young defender.

The B’90 video channel, which seems to have been posted by Lee Han-beom’s agent, captures the moment the two meet. While Lee Han-beom was looking around the club’s indoor training ground, Cho Kyu-seong, who was exercising with long hair like Terius, appeared and shook hands with him and patted him on the back. Following this, Lee Han-beom, a person presumed to be a member of the club, and an explanation were also included.

Cho Kyu-sung is currently recovering from a hamstring injury. He expects to be back on the ground in two weeks at MI Twillan. Perhaps for that reason, he was also selected on the list for the second consecutive A-match of the Korean national team in September led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

He was quenching for an early return or participating in an A match, and when a junior appeared, he naturally walked up the stairs and encouraged him. Like Scotland Celtic (Cha Doo-ri, Ki Sung-yong) and Germany Augsburg (Ko Ja-cheol, Hong Jeong-ho, Ji Dong-won), a situation appeared where Korean players were eating rice in one pot at European clubs. I wondered if they would create a synergistic effect and revive Meatwillan, who was in the mid-table last season.

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