‘Money Envelope Suspicion’ Lee Seong-man “Lee Jeong-geun mentioned Song to refuse money”

Lee Seong-man, who was involved in the alleged distribution of money envelopes by the Democratic Party, was investigated by the prosecution for more than 13 hours. He has strongly denied the charges, but prosecutors are speeding up the investigation by identifying the lawmakers who received the envelopes메이저사이트. Following Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok next week, the recall of former CEO Song Young-gil seems imminent.

This is reporter Cho Seong-ho.

[Report] Rep
. Seong-man Lee, who was called in by the prosecution on charges of distributing an envelope of 9 million won to the regional head of candidate Song Young-gil’s camp during the 2021 Democratic National Convention.

He strongly denied the allegations even after coming out of 13 hours of high-intensity interrogation.

Seongman Lee / Independent Member of Parliament (Yesterday)
“I claimed my innocence, and anything related to the money envelope is not related to me.”

Prosecutors questioned Rep. Lee’s involvement based on a transcript of his exchange with Lee Jung-geun, former vice secretary general of the Democratic Party, who had already been arrested.

“Can’t I give you the money tomorrow? Tomorrow? (Uh, uh.)” “
(Brother takes it and gives it to me.) We talked about it together when I had a song?”

However, Congressman Lee explained that he was trying to persuade former vice-president Lee, who is fussing over money problems, and that the mention of former CEO Song was also used as a ‘shield’.

Seongman Lee / Independent Member of Parliament (Yesterday)
“Since I talked to candidate Song Young-gil, ‘Don’t talk to me (money) anymore'” means… “

However, the prosecution is speeding up the investigation by identifying the lawmakers who received the money envelopes and calling in and questioning Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok, who is accused of delivering 60 million won to 20 Democratic Party lawmakers next week.

Observations are made that the summons of former CEO Song Young-gil, the key to the money envelope suspicion, is imminent.

This is Cho Seong-ho from TV Chosun.

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