Name change → Elbow surgery → 1 year break… Doosan 5th starting candidate “Director Lee Seung-yeop, I am too”

 Park So-joon (27, Doosan), who once showed off his presence by serving as an alternate starter for Chris Flexen and Lee Yong-chan, pledged to make another leap forward in the upcoming 2023 season. As he took a year off due to elbow surgery, he is determined to compete more enthusiastically than ever next year and win the attention of coach Lee Seung-yeop.

Park So-jun changed his name from Jong-gi to So-jun ahead of the 2022 season. In the naming center, it was explained that the letter ‘Ki (己)’ in Jong-gi did not suit the athlete, so in October 2021, the name was changed to So-Jun (昭俊), which means ‘to be versatile in many fields’.

However, there was no renaming effect. Prior to the 2022 season, he raised expectations as a 5th starter and long relief resource, but complained of elbow pain and went to the operating table. Dreaming of a better career after changing his name, he took a break this year.

Park So-joon said, “I can’t avoid being sick. It was natural that he couldn’t go to the game, and he was upset because he couldn’t exercise.” However, he said, “As soon as I changed my name, I had surgery right away, but he tries to think positively. He showed a positive attitude, saying, “From now on, he has undergone surgery so that he will not be sick for 10 years.”

Park So-joon, who left Cheongju High School and joined Doosan Training Center in 2013, made his thrilling first-team debut two years later, but lived an unknown life for a long time leaving an average ERA of 11.57 in three games. It was in 2020 that he announced his first name. At the time, Flexen and Lee Yong-chan were put into the starting lineup missing due to injury, and he performed the substitute starting job brilliantly, and on June 20 against LG, he won his first victory in his debut with 6 scoreless innings.

Park So-joon was unable to take his place again in the highly anticipated 2021 season and came to apply for a name change. He failed to live up to his beliefs with a 5.73 earned run average in 22 games without a win, even with plenty of opportunities in the start and bullpen.

Park So-joon was assigned to the rehabilitation group at the Icheon finish camp this year, focusing on rehabilitation rather than actual combat training and digesting the schedule. Following shadow pitching in December, he plans to gradually improve his elbow condition through ITP (phased pitching program) in January next year.

Park So-joon’s next year’s goal is to get the attention of new head coach Lee Seung-yeop. It was regrettable that he could not show off his skills at the finishing camp due to his rehabilitation, but he is determined to prove his competitiveness again with a healthy arm at next year’s camp.

Park So-joon emphasized, “I was disappointed that I couldn’t show coach Lee Seung-yeop who I am as a person during the final camp,” and emphasized, “I think now is the most important time to show that I am on the pitching staff. 토토사이트

” If he is expected to be able to throw the ball from the mound in the first half of next year, attention is already focused on whether he, who was once spotlighted as a 5 starting resource, will be able to write a success story for the 2023 season

. I will do my best to help the team in any way.” He dreamed of the day he would be on the mound for the first team again.