Next is Lee Kang-in’s official… Coach Enrique appears in ‘HERE WE GO’ to PSG

Coach Luis Enrique is heading to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano, who works for the British ‘Guardian’, said on his SNS on the 30th (Korean time), “PSG is ready to reach an agreement with coach Enrique. Both sides will sign a two-year contract. It will be revealed as soon as manager Christophe Galtier leaves the team.” At the same time, Romano also added his signature comment ‘Here We Go’ when the news is confirmed.토토사이트

Changing managers is just the beginning. Even after the appointment of coach Galtier, PSG, which could not even come close to winning the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), their goal, is once again making a new round. PSG has already concluded individual agreements with several players, and it was reported that an agreement between the clubs was also concluded. As the club values ​​the order, it is expected that the news about coach Enrique will come out first, and then the recruitment of players will be announced in turn.

French media ‘Le Parisien’ said on the 26th, “Coach Enrique is already in contact with President Nasser Al-Khelaifi and General Manager Luis Campos. After getting the consent of the people, we entered the final stage, but it is never easy,” he explained, saying that after PSG appointed manager Enrique, he would start the recruiting process with the club’s board.

As coach Enrique’s move to PSG has been virtually confirmed, fans’ eyes are now on the news of the players. PSG have reportedly reached personal agreements with Hernández, Manuel Ugarte, Milan Skriniar and Marco Asensio. And the news of Lee Kang-in’s joining, which Korean fans are most interested in, is likely to be announced along with other players.

For a while, Lee Kang-in’s transfer negotiations were at a standstill. This is because the negotiations between the clubs have not yet been completed. Mallorca is trying to get the highest possible transfer fee when selling Lee Kang-in. Although he was brought in as a free agent (FA), it is Mallorca who knows that Lee Kang-in is the best star they have. Literally, he was aiming for a proper ‘one shot’.

French media ‘Onge Mondial’ said on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time), “PSG has not yet paid the transfer fee for Lee Kang-in. It seemed that Lee Kang-in’s transfer was resolved, but PSG’s management was having difficulty concluding the transfer. PSG will be reluctant to pay the transfer fee proposed by Mallorca, and tried to lower the transfer fee for Lee Kang-in from 20 million euros (approximately 28.6 billion won) to 25 million euros (approximately 35.7 billion won).”

On the other hand, Mallorca is trying to impose a so-called ‘PSG tax’ on Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee. ‘VIPSG’, which delivers news related to PSG, quoted reports from French media ‘Le Parisien’ and Spanish media ‘Marca’ and said, “Lee Kang-in’s transfer has not yet been resolved. PSG proposed 15 million euros (approximately 21.4 billion won) to Mallorca. However, Mallorca want to apply the famous PSG tax and will ask for 22 million euros (approximately 31.4 billion).”

The ‘PSG tax’ referred to in the media is presumed to refer to the money Mallorca has to give to Valencia. According to FIFA’s regulations related to chronological contributions, Mallorca must share a certain amount of money with Valencia, where Lee Kang-in has been raised since his youth, when he transfers. Mallorca seems to be trying to include this part in Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee. In the end, because of Mallorca’s greed, Lee Kang-in’s transfer seemed to be delayed.

Now that the news of Enrique has come out, it is expected that the news of the recruitment of players will follow next. Fans should now prepare to hear news of Lee Kang-in.

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