‘Noh So-young Museum’ inherited by Shimo…Choi Tae-won “Get out of SK building” lawsuit

Reporter Kim Geun-wook = SK Group Chairman Choi Tae-won’s camp has filed a real estate delivery claim against the Nabi Art Center, an art center headed by Noh So-young, who is in the midst of a divorce.

The court battle between the two sides, which began with a divorce case, appears to be expanding to include a real estate case following a lawsuit for damages against Choi’s cohabitant.

According to legal sources, SK Innovation filed a “claim for delivery of real estate” against art center Navi Art Museum on March 23 at the Seoul Central District Court.

The case was assigned to Deputy Chief Judge Jang Jang-hak of the 36th Civil Division and no trial date has yet been set.

Art Center Nabi is a media art museum located on the fourth floor of the SK Seorin Building in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and is the successor to Walkerhill Art Museum, which was run by Noh’s mother-in-law.

The building is home to many of SK Group’s affiliates, making it a de facto headquarters.

Choi Tae-won, chairman of SK Group, and Noh So-young, director of the Butterfly Art Center. (News1 DB) 2022.12.5/News1

In 2015, Choi revealed to the media that he had a child out of wedlock and demanded a divorce from Noh, citing personality differences. Ms. Noh opposed the divorce and filed a counter-suit in 2019.

The first court ruled that Choi should pay Noh 100 million won in alimony and divide their property worth 66.5 billion won. However, the second trial is currently underway at the Seoul High Court as both parties are appealing the first trial ruling.

Recently, the eldest daughter Choi Yoon-jung (34), the second daughter Choi Min-jung (32), and the eldest son Choi In-geun (28) filed a petition side by side with the second trial court handling their divorce case. However, the details of the petition are not known.

In March, Noh also filed a lawsuit for 3 billion won in damages메이저사이트 against Choi’s cohabitant, Kim Moe.

“Ms. Kim’s cheating had been going on for a long time and she approached Chairman Choi for counseling even though she was a married woman,” Noh said in the background of the lawsuit, adding, “Even though she and her son were ill, Ms. Kim continued to cheat and gave birth to a child out of wedlock, pretending to be her spouse, which led to a secondary victimization.”

In response, Chairman Choi’s camp said, “There is no chance of winning the case legally, and Director Noh knows this better,” adding, “They are distorting facts, misleading public opinion, and seriously infringing on Chairman Choi’s human and personality rights.”

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