One-two punch power + Oh Jae-hyun’s appearance’ SK, KGC Ginseng Corporation

SK has only one step left in their 2nd consecutive loss.

Seoul SK defeated Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation 66-60 in the first leg of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship match held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th. The last home game of the 2022-2023 season was decorated with a victory. The series record is 3 wins and 2 losses. With just one more win, you achieve V4.

Oh Jae-hyeon (185cm, G) made a surprise performance by scoring 10 points in the first quarter, and substitutes Kim Seon-hyeong (187cm, G) and Jamil Warney (199cm, C) fulfilled their role as a one-two punch. In addition, changes in defensive tactics such as 3-2 variant regional defense and interpersonal defense also made SK’s third victory in the series.

1Q: Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation 23-22 Seoul SK: bloody battle notice

[KGC Ginseng Corporation key player 1Q record]
– Omari Spellman: 10 minutes, 8 points (2 points: 2/3, 3 points: 1/2) 4 rebounds
– Oh Se-geun: 10 minutes, 8 points (2 points: 4/5), 2 rebounds (attack 1)
– Byun Jun-hyung: 10 minutes, 7 points (2 points: 1/2, 3 points: 1/1, free throws: 2/2) ) 4 assists, 1 rebound
[SK key player 1Q record]
– Oh Jae-hyun: 7 minutes 21 seconds, 10 points (2 points: 2/2, 3 points: 2/3) 1 rebound, 1 assist
– Kim Seon-hyung: 3 minutes 54 seconds, 6 Points (3 points: 2/2)
– Bukyung Choi: 10 minutes, 2 points (2 points: 1/2) 3 rebounds (attack 2) 1 steal

The team that took the lead first was SK. Kim Seon-hyeong (187cm, G) and Jameel Warney (199cm, C) were left out of the starting lineup, but Oh Jae-hyeon (185cm, G) showed unexpected scoring ability (?).
KGC Ginseng Corporation utilized the triangular formation of Byun Jun-hyung (185cm, G) – Oh Se-geun (199cm, C) – Omari Spellman (203cm, F). Byun Jun-hyung’s aggressive and fast deployment, Oh Se-geun’s scoring, and Spellman’s wide range of attacks created synergy, and KGC Ginseng Corporation finished the first quarter with 23-19.
However, Kim Seon-hyung blocked the rise of KGC Ginseng Corporation. After conceding a goal, he quickly approached the KGC Ginseng Corporation camp and attempted 3 points from the left wing. Kim Seon-hyung’s 3 points penetrated the rim, and SK threatened KGC Ginseng Corporation by one point.

2Q: Seoul SK 41-28 Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation: Changes in defense

[SK-KGC Ginseng Corporation, 2Q major record comparison]
– Score: 19-5
– Number of successful 2-point shots: 4-1
– Success rate of 2-point shots: 40% -Approximately 14%
– Number of successful 3-point shots: 3-1
– Success rate of 3-point shots: approximately 43%-12.5%
 ​​* SK leads in all cases

The reason why SK took the 4th game. This is because the 3-2 modified area defense and anti-personnel defense were utilized at the right timing. How to use it was like this. After pushing Spellman and Lens Abando (186cm, F) out of the court with a 3-2 variation regional defense, he used an interpersonal defense. When KGC Ginseng Corporation reintroduces Spellman and Abando, SK uses 3-2 variant area defense again. SK’s defensive change gave KGC Ginseng Corporation confusion.
SK coach Jeon Hee-chul, who had fun with the defensive changes, said right before the 5th game, “I will change the defense from time to time. You must not know when to use the 3-2 variation area defense or when to use the anti-personnel defense. And when using the 3-2 modified area defense, it is important to push quickly after successful defense,” he said, referring to ‘changes in defense according to the situation’.
As soon as the 2nd quarter started, SK used a 3-2 variation of regional defense. KGC Ginseng Corporation’s first five field goals (2 points: 3, 3 points: 2) in the 2nd quarter were turned to nothing. Spellman and Abando, who are weak in area defense, were kicked out of the court.
When Spellman and Abando returned, SK utilized a mix of anti-personnel defense and 3-2 variant area defense. This defensive change gave KGC Ginseng Corporation another confusion. The first half ended with a double-digit scoreline. It was the second time in this series that both teams finished the first half with a double-digit score difference. (Second game: KGC Ginseng Corporation 42-28 SK)

3Q: Seoul SK 52-51 Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation: Aggressive move

[KGC Ginseng Corporation key player 3Q record]
– Omari Spellman: 10 minutes, 12 points (2 points: 3/6, 3 points: 2/2), 5 rebounds (Attack 3) 1 assist
– Byun Jun-hyung: 10 minutes, 6 points (2 points: 2/2) 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal

Kim Sang-sik, head coach of KGC Ginseng Corporation, said before the game, “Rather than the players being subjected to a change in defense, the players are fighting for SK. seems to have been pushed to SK’s regional defense was briefly pointed out, but the players were ordered to move aggressively,” he said.
It also had Byun Jun-hyung and Omari Spellman in mind. In fact, when KGC Ginseng Corporation lost the game, Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman couldn’t show a performance to do this. In particular, since SK’s defensive changes were passively dealt with in the 4th game, Kim Sang-sik KGC Ginseng Corporation emphasized ‘aggressive movement’.
Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman showed different movements from the first quarter. Although the kgc ginseng construction was greatly pushed in the 2nd quarter, Byun Jun-hyung and spellman led the크크크벳 changed kgc ginseng construction in the 3rd quarter. Byun Jun-hyung threatened the SK defense with rim attacks and passes, and Spellman with 3 points. The change of the two players drove the composition of KGC Ginseng Corporation and SK into a labyrinth.

4Q: Seoul SK 66-60 Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation: An Unexpected Herbal Medicine

[SK-KGC Ginseng Corporation, 2022~2023 Championship Match Results and Future Schedule]
1.2023.04.25.(Tue) (Anyang Indoor Gymnasium) : 77-69 (Win)
2. 2023.04.27.(Thu) 19:00 (Anyang Indoor Gym) : 67-81 (Loss)
3. 2023.04.29.( Sat) 14:00 (Jamsil Student Gym): 70-81 (Loss)
4. 2023.05.01. (Mon) 19:00 (Jamsil Student Gym): 100-91 (Win)
5. 2023.05.03. (Wed) 19:00 (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 66-60 (Win)
6. 2023.05.05. (Fri, Children’s Day) 18:00 (Anyang Indoor Gymnasium): ?
7. 2023.05.07. (Sun) 18:00 (Anyang Indoor Gym) : ?
 * Series history: 3 wins 2 losses
 * When winning,

the team that dominated the atmosphere at the beginning of the 4th quarter for the first time in the history of the club was KGC Ginseng Corporation. KGC Ginseng Corporation overturned the game 55-52 in 2 minutes and 27 seconds from the start of the 4th quarter. The secret to KGC Ginseng Corporation’s dominance in the early 4th quarter. This is because SK’s attack on the paint zone was blocked with physical fights and block shots.
However, the difference between KGC Ginseng Corporation and SK was not large. The difference between the two teams was only one offense. The winning KGC Ginseng Corporation can be overturned, and the losing SK can also be overturned. So, it was difficult to predict the outcome.
SK also caught the flow once. This is because Warney made a come-from-behind score with a floater and Kim Seon-hyung with a solo fast break. SK, who took the lead, reversed the score to 62-60 1 minute and 32 seconds before the end of the game. However, it was still difficult to determine the winner.
SK turned KGC Ginseng Corporation’s attack into nothing. Oh Jae-hyun delivered the decisive blow. A three-point explosion that ran away to 66-60 38.7 seconds before the end of the game. SK kept the remaining time well.

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