Overcoming the world’s one and only Myongji University baduk department and abolished department crisis

Former Prime Minister Goh Kun served as the president of Myongji University. One day, he called and went to a restaurant in Gwanghwamun. He said he would create a baduk department. I was surprised. Can Baduk be a study? Baduk has a long history, so it might be a study. But is it enough to create a department? Is that possible?

President Goh Kun said, “Go is qualified.” Korean baduk is currently the best in the world, but it is said that it lacks a cultural scent because it is one-sided. The baduk department will fill that gap and deepen the game of baduk. Korea will truly become the mecca of world baduk.

Goh Kun was confident. The Department of Baduk was born in 1997, and I used to admire her foresight as I watched the Department of Baduk attract foreign students. In Hamburg, Professor Jung Soo-hyeon (professional 9th ​​dan) of the Department of Baduk gave a lecture to European Baduk instructors. Young men and women in their 20s and 30s gathered from all over Europe. The Go skills were probably very different, from the proficient to the 10th grade, but these were teachers who taught Go at kindergartens or schools. they said “I want to go to the baduk department and learn formally.”

Daniela Trings was a German women’s champion, and one day she recklessly showed up in Korea and she transferred to the baduk department. Trings has since received her Ph.D. and she is currently a professor in the Department of Go.

An economics professor majoring in game theory in the United States visited Korea Origin with a Korean teaching assistant. He was carrying a bunch of ‘finishing problems’. I found it funny at first, but the problems were profound. Even the pros didn’t do it well. I had this thought. In Go, it is not an ordinary problem if a Korean professional finds it difficult to solve a game-theory problem created by an American economics professor who is a pitch-black minion. Isn’t baduk hiding many bundles that can be solved in connection with other studies?

Genius John Nash, who emerged as the second Einstein in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, plays Go. In the Chinese drama ‘Eight Dragons’, the game of Go determines life and death. In the eyes of the world, Go is still mysterious. There are many mysteries to solve.

The baduk neighborhood is noisy every day because of the controversy over the baduk department. Graduates of Baduk department have advanced to all places related to Baduk, such as Korea Kiwon, Baduk TV, and Internet Baduk sites. Not only Korean drivers, but also foreign drivers such as Ke Jie joined the opposition.

In this whirlpool, I think again about what baduk is. Baduk has lived without a place for a long time. Since ancient times, there have been people who hate Go along with people who like Go. Go immerses people. It takes up time and makes you forget what to do. deserves to be hated However, people who like Baduk are proud that Baduk contains the principles of all things and contains the wisdom of life. Numerous poets and calligraphers borrowed Baduk as a symbol of Anbin Nakdo.

Baduk is Baduk. He doesn’t belong anywhere. It was the secret pride of the baduk players. The reality was different. As Lee Chang-ho’s military issue showed, Baduk, which did not belong to the institutional system, was not treated well. The Lee Chang-ho problem was solved by over 100 members of the ruling and opposition parties working together, but from this point on, Baduk learns that ‘affiliation’ is necessary.

Baduk goes the way of sports after a long controversy. It joined the University Sports Association and a Go match was held at the National Sports Festival. I also received money from the government for the first time. There was strong opposition from the existing sports community. In the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, baduk was adopted as an official event, and the atmosphere was settled as Korea monopolized the gold medal. Baduk is also an official sport in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which were postponed due to corona. Baduk took its place as a mind sport, and applications were accepted for the Olympics. 안전놀이터

I stopped talking about the past in the hope that the discussion of baduk and lungs would stop. Im Jin-taek, a creative pansori player, said that Baduk is the ‘best art piece in the history of human culture’ and that he wanted to make Baduk into Pansori. I hope that the world’s only Baduk department can overcome the crisis and develop further.