Park Seong-jin of BNK, “Face-to-face with the W-League All-Stars, an opportunity I am very grateful for”

“It is an opportunity to face W League All-Stars, for which I am very grateful.”

The WKBL Rising Star team, centered on Park Ji-hyeon (Asan Woori Bank), Lee So-hee (Busan BNK Some), and Lee Hae-ran (Yongin Samsung Life Insurance), took part in Gimpo on the morning of the 28th. departed from the airport. After arriving at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, we met at the auxiliary gym of Ariake Arena in Tokyo.

The reason why 12 WKBL rising stars joined together in Japan. The Japanese women’s professional basketball league, W League, hosted the ‘W League All-Star 2022-2023 in Ariake’, and the WKBL rising stars consisted of 14 W-League All-Stars on the 29th. It’s because they play event games with the squad.

There are many players who represented or represent Japanese women’s basketball in the W League All-Star team. 14 players, including Lamu Tokashiki from the WNBA, Yuki Miyazawa and Himawari Akio, who won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, were included in the W League All-Stars. A difficult opponent for the inexperienced WKBL rising star.

However, facing high-level Japanese players is a valuable opportunity for young players who do not have much experience. The same goes for Park Seong-jin (185cm, C), a member of Busan BNK Some.

Park Seong-jin entered the pro in the 3rd overall in the 2022-2023 WKBL New Player Selection. He is a tall player with dominance under the goal and is regarded as the future of BNK’s big man Jin. He appeared on the court for an average of 3 minutes and 14 seconds in 13 regular league games in the 2022-2023 season.

After training ended on the afternoon of the 29th, Park Seong-jin said, “I couldn’t run a lot, but I saw a lot of unnies play on the bench. He has seen many of his older sisters’ skills. That helped,” he said, looking back from the first season of his debut.

Park Sung-jin’s team메이저사이트, BNK, played the 2022-2023 season until the 24th. He accomplished the splendid feat of ‘advancing to the first championship match’ and ‘first runner-up’.

It seemed that Park Seong-jin had more experiences. Park Seong-jin also said, “The championship match is a stage that cannot be easily reached. Thanks to my sisters, I have experienced the big game. I was grateful to my older sisters,” and cherished the meaning of the first championship match.

A month has passed since the championship match. Steps in which players build their bodies little by little. However, everything is new to Park Seong-jin. It’s the first time he’s had an off-season since turning pro.

Park Seong-jin said, “I went on a trip to Hawaii with his teammates at the end of March. He then knew he was going to Japan. From then on, he personally trained for his skills and built his body in other ways as well. He doesn’t seem to be in bad shape.”

As mentioned above, Park Seong-jin got a chance to play against a W-League All-Star player. You can also see the play of Lamu Tokashiki, who is called the best big man in Japanese women’s professional basketball.

So Park Seong-jin said, “I don’t know how long I will play in this game. But given the time, you can stand on one court with great players. I will watch and learn the techniques and movements in the post. I am very grateful for this opportunity,” she said, optimistic about facing the W-League All-Star.

Lastly, “Even if I can’t show good performance, I will show everything I can. I will do my best,” he said.

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