Presumption of Guilty by Chinese Media, “Son Jun-ho, former Chinese player arrested for that crime”

Chinese media reported that the possibility of charges against Son Jun-ho, who is currently in Chinese public security custody, is very high. Nothing has been clearly revealed to the outside, but it’s actually pretty uncomfortable because it’s close to the presumption of guilt.

After being detained by Chinese public security at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai on the 12th, it is known that Son Jun-ho is currently staying at the public security authorities in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Currently, the Korea Football Association, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, the Korean Embassy in China, and the Korean Consulate General in Shenyang are all operating their channels to do their best to save Son Jun-ho, but there is no news about Son Jun-ho except for the consular interview on the 17th.

In the midst of this, <> reported that Son Jun-ho is highly likely to be accused. <> added meaning, “The investigation into the Korean national team player Son Jun-ho is a very symbolic event that proves that the intensity and scope of the fight against corruption in football is unprecedented.”

“Chinese soccer fans are not unfamiliar with the charge of bribery of non-public officials. In the past, Chinese soccer players such as Chi Hong and Shen Xi were sentenced to such crimes,” he said. It objectively proves that the possibility of participating in the

In addition, “Son Jun-ho was arrested by the special investigation team of the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Authority. It is also the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Special Investigation Unit that investigated coach Hao Wei as well as several players such as Gu Chao and Jin Jin-ao.” hinted that there would be

At the same time, he oddly reminded that the Korean soccer world was not a safe zone in match-fixing. <> pointed out, “In the 2011 K-League match-fixing case, two players and a manager committed suicide, and about 50 people, including coaches, agents, and front desks, were implicated. At that time, they were put on trial.”

“In 2017, Jeonbuk Hyundai, a Korean football powerhouse, caused a referee bribery case, which resulted in 9 points being deducted and disqualification from the AFC Champions League. He tried to pardon the 메이저놀이터48 people he received, causing great dissatisfaction in Korean society. The Korea Football Association resigned en masse, and it was completely reorganized only in May,” he said, referring to the dark past of Korean football. Mentioning this past is a very annoying passage in that it reminds us of Son Jun-ho’s long exposure to match-fixing culture.

<> said, “The reason Son Jun-ho was detained was to prevent corruption and match-fixing in Chinese football. The reason why Son Jun-ho attracted more attention was because of his status as a Korean national team player. He is just a player. This means that Chinese football’s corruption and match-fixing forces have reached out to foreign players, and it proves that the attack range and intensity have become stronger than in the past.”

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