‘Radio tactics? Field vacancy?’ Appointment of Klinsman…Another point of concern

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has very low preference for his home league.

It was on the 22nd that coach Klinsman was connected to the position of coach of the Korean national team. Germany’s leading magazine ‘Kicker’ reported, “Klinsmann is known as a candidate for the position of coach of the Korean national team. Talks are underway.”

After Klinsman’s internal decision came out, public opinion is full of worries. This is because he has no clear tactical color, it has been three years since he has not accumulated his on-field experience,토토사이트 and the irresponsibility he showed during his time in Hertha Berlin.

Another worrying factor is that Klinsman’s extreme preference for European leagues. It was well known that Klinsman had no respect for the American Professional Soccer League (MLS) when he was in charge of the US national team.

For example, Klinsman started not calling Clint Dempsey, who joined the Seattle Sounders from Tottenham in 2013, to the national team. The reason was that he moved to MLS from a European league. At the time, Dempsey was so outstanding that he was the captain of the U.S. national team and a leading scorer, but coach Kli

Coach Klinsman openly criticized even Michael Bradley, who returned to MLS after playing in Europe like Dempsey. At that time, manager Klinsman caused controversy by saying, “I made it clear to Dempsey and Bradley that it would be difficult to maintain the level of experience they had at the place they played. It is the reality. I am being honest.”

A series of controversies took place about 10 years ago, so Klinsman may have changed his mind. However, it is true that if coach Klinsman doesn’t have a big change in his thoughts, he may underestimate players playing in the K-League.

The proposition that ‘European leagues are higher than K-League’ is half true and half wrong. Leagues that perform well in European competitions, such as the Portuguese league, as well as the top 5 European leagues, are obviously of a higher level than the K-League.

However, it cannot be said that all other leagues are higher than the K-League. Right now, the K-League is the ‘Best League in Asia’ selected by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) for 12 consecutive years. It was ranked 18th in the world league rankings. It is by no means a low level league. There are many K-League players who showed outstanding performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, such as Na Sang-ho, Kim Jin-soo, and Kim Young-kwon.

Blind faith in the European faction that the manager has can cause dissatisfaction among players playing in the K-League. In football, where teamwork is important, a rift between players is the worst case that should not exist. Indeed, if coach Klinsman takes the helm of the Korean national team, attention will be paid to whether he continues to watch the K-League like coach Paulo Bento.

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