Rain-free holiday…73 million people flock to Incheon Airport to go “overseas”

On the first day of the Chinggumdari holiday, the streets were crowded with out-of-towners. Last month, it rained on every holiday, but now that it’s a rain-free holiday, many people are traveling abroad. The number of passengers at Incheon Airport is expected to exceed 730,000 this holiday.

For the first news, reporter Park Sang-wook reports스포츠토토.


Tourists take pictures among the yellow rape blossoms.

They squint in the strong sun, but a cool breeze cools their sweat.

[Kim Min-kyu / Okjeong-dong, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do: I had planned to go out (on last month’s holiday), but because of the rain, I couldn’t go out then because my baby was young, and today is a nice day, so I came out like this].

Today (the 3rd), the midday temperature was around 30 degrees, mainly in the Seoul metropolitan area and Gyeongnam.

With the unusually sunny weather, the city was crowded with people going out.

Airports were also bustling with travelers on the first day of the Jinggumdari holiday.

On this day alone, more than 150,000 travelers came through the airport.

[Hong Sun-mi, Mizhangdong, Gunshan City, Jeonbuk: I have a family of nine and we are all going to travel together, I think it will be a fun trip].

The departure hall was jammed, and all the parking lots were full to the point that temporary parking lots were put into operation.

The Incheon Airport Authority predicted that 737,000 passengers would travel through the airport over the next five days, from yesterday through Tuesday.

This weather is expected to continue through the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s daytime highs will reach 27 degrees in Seoul and Gwangju, 28 degrees in Daejeon, 29 degrees in Daegu, and 31 degrees in Gangneung.

However, UV rays and ozone will be strong under clear skies.

Be sure to keep your skin healthy by wearing sunscreen when you go out.

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