Real, confidence in signing Bellingham… Salary is about ‘13.9 billion’

Real Madrid

are confident of signing Jude Bellingham.

He established himself as one of the best midfielders in the world at a young age. Along with his 186 cm solid physical, he shows great influence in karate and defense, and stands out for his composure and judgment for his age. Every season, he shows improvement in every game, and the standard value of ‘Transfer Markt’, a football statistics media, reaches a whopping 110 million euros (approximately 153.8 billion won). He is already considered key in Dortmund and holds a unique position within the league.

It has also proven its capabilities on the international stage. After making his A-match debut in a friendly match against Ireland in 2020온라인카지노, he quickly established himself. In Euro 2020, his first major tournament, he only appeared as a substitute in 3 games, but from last year’s Nations League (UNL), he confidently established himself as a main player. At the World Cup in Qatar, he started in all matches from the first round of the group stage to the quarterfinals, and showed his presence by posting one goal and one assist.

Having grown into a complete player at such a young age, he has already been targeted by many big clubs. Including Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City are the main characters.

His value naturally skyrocketed. Dortmund wants 150 million euros (about 209.7 billion won) for his transfer fee, and has not ruled out the possibility of higher.

Bellingham’s next destination is still unclear. Opinions were also divided on the players side. According to Spanish media ‘Lelevo’, Bellingham’s parents want to go through Manchester City and Liverpool as an interim stage, but the player himself is known to want to move directly to Real Madrid.

As it is the player’s ‘one pick’, Real was confident in signing him. According to Spanish media ‘Marca’, Real believe Bellingham will pick his team over his other competitors.

The expected salary was also revealed. ‘Marca’ reported that Real would offer Bellingham an annual salary of around 10 million euros (approximately 13.9 billion won). It was a choice to protect the pay system. If Bellingham is to receive that amount, he will be positioned between Vinicius Junior and Thibaut Courtois.

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