Real Madrid, Chelsea ‘love call’ rejected… Unexpectedly leftover strands this summer

AC Milan (Italy) striker Rafael Leang (23) is unexpectedly in the mood to stay this summer. Initially, it was expected that he would push for a transfer while showing a lukewarm response to the renewal negotiations, but it is known that he rejected the ‘love call’ from Real Madrid (Spain) and Chelsea (England).

The Italian media, Gazzetta dello Sport, said on the 28th (Korean time), “Leang rejected offers from Chelsea토토사이트 as well as Real Madrid.” said the news.

Initially, it was predicted that Leang would take on a new challenge while receiving a ‘love call’ from a big club from last year. In particular, while AC Milan repeatedly refused to renew the contract, the focus was on leaving as soon as the contract period expired in June of next year.

In particular, as AC Milan could face the worst situation of leaving without receiving a penny of transfer fee during the transfer market next summer, it was forced to sell it this summer, so Leang’s separation became more ‘certain’.

But the airflow has changed. Leang broke expectations and turned down the ‘love call’ of Real Madrid and Chelsea with a single knife, leaning toward staying. At the same time, he is moving into an atmosphere of re-signing while seeking an agreement with AC Milan.

‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ explained, “Leão rejected Real Madrid’s offer to take on the role of backup to Karim Benzema (35), and he was not sure about the Chelsea project.” I am satisfied with my life in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) semi-finals, especially after advancing to the semi-finals, I changed my mind to the remaining height. I will sign a new contract soon.

” Until now, he has played an active role as a key striker. So far, he has posted 40 goals and 33 assists in 156 career games. Last season, he took the lead in winning the championship by recording 11 goals and 10 assists in 34 matches in Italy’s Serie A alone, and was awarded the ‘Most Valuable Player (MVP)’.

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