Rescue after 5 days of disappearance of a 30-year-old lost in the mountains of Namhae

A 30-year-old hiker who went missing in the mountains of Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, was rescued after five days.

According to the Gyeongnam Namhae Police Station and Gyeongnam Firefighting Headquarters on the 19th, Mr. A (32) took a car that his father drove around 11:10 am on the 13th and got off at the parking lot of Geumsan Dumo, Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun.

Afterwards, Mr. A got lost while hiking toward Boriam, and requested rescue from the police using his mobile phone at around 6:06 pm on the same day. At around 8:27 pm on the same day, when Mr. A did not return home, his father reported him missing.

About 220 police officers, firefighters, and national park officials conducted a site search while analyzing closed-circuit TV throughout Geumsan, including the vicinity of Boriam, and tracking the location of the final mobile phone base station of Mr. A.

Afterwards, at around 3:30 pm on the 17th, Mr. A’s bag was found near the ticket office in Geumsan, and after 5 days of disappearance, at 2:40 pm on the 18th, I found Mr. A, who was exhausted in the mountains of the second ridge of Geumsan먹튀검증.

The police explained that Mr. A suffered bruises on his leg and back, but his life was not affected. Mr. A was covered with an emergency warming cloth prepared by the 119 paramedics and was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The place where Mr. A was found was about 3km away from where he got off his father’s vehicle, and it was confirmed that it was not a hiking trail. It is known that Mr. A got lost due to some kind of confusion while climbing a mountain.

The police explained, “I presume this is the place where Mr. A endured while eating the nearby valley water.”

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