‘Road FC 062’ ‘Weigh-in failure’ Kwon Ah-sol, Nakamura Koji and the best of all time… Two warnings given for a passive game

 In one game, two warnings were given for passive game management. The worst fight ever was played, but the fight money is still received.

Kwon Ah-sol (36, free), a ‘bad boy’, lost to Nakamura Koji (37, Japan) in the ‘Goobne Road FC 062’ -73kg contract weight match held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul on the 18th.

Previously, at the weigh-in event on the 17th, Kwon A-sol failed to pass the weigh-in with -73kg contract weight and weighed 78kg, exceeding 4.5kg. Even when he had a confrontation with Nam Eui-cheol at Road FC 060 last May, he exceeded 100g and became a rumor.

Several fighting communities are voicing criticism against Kwon Ah-sol, saying, “As a player, he is not basic.” The fact that he was overweight is evidence that he did not properly train, and above all, he broke his promise to fans.

Kwon Ah-sol was defeated by Nakamura Koji in Road FC 013 last time. He declared revenge on the fighters who had defeated him in the meantime. The first target was Koji Nakamura. Kwon Ah-sol went to Japan without contact. Koji Nakamura suggested that we fight in an official match.

However, it was a condition that if Kwon A-sol failed to pass the weigh-in even if he weighed 100g, he would not compete, and if he failed to pass, 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money would be given to Koji Nakamura. At the request of Koji Nakamura, the weight class was also moved to a contract weight of -73 kg.

Koji Nakamura passed the weigh-in at 72.5kg. He expressed great concern when Kwon A-sol failed at the weigh-in by 4.5 kg instead of 500 g. He said, “I thought a lot about the situation where the match could be lost due to a weigh-in failure. Still, I came to fight, and I decided to fight because I thought I had to repay the fans who waited for me. I don’t know how Kwon Ah-sol’s health is, but if his health gets better, I want to play.”

Kwon A-sol entered the game amidst everyone’s concerns. Kwon A-sol played the game after receiving a 10-point deduction for failing to lose weight before the game started. Koji Nakamura put his fists together carefully, and A-sol Kwon couldn’t attack too hastily. It was a game operation that can be said to be somewhat passive. In the end, Koji Nakamura received a yellow card for poor play. 메이저사이트

In the second round, a passive game unfolded. The two Korean and Japanese fighters did not show a hot game as expected. In round 3, Koji Nakamura was cautioned once again. At the end of the game, Nakamura Koji tackled Kwon Ah-sol and pounded from the top position.

As a result of the best fight ever, Koji Nakamura won by unanimous decision of all judges in the third round. Koji Nakamura said, “I am happy to have won, but it is regrettable because I was passive. He expressed his feelings, saying, “If there is anticipation and support, I will do better in the next game.”

Kwon Ah-sol apologized, saying, “I will bow in apology.” “I’m sorry to the fans and officials for ruining the tournament. I also thank Koji Nakamura for playing. He will come back with a third match against Koji Nakamura.”