Samsung’s batting lineup was clogged, and a transfer student with a perfect score broke through.

Samsung had a chance to score early in the game against Daegu NC on the 3rd, but was unable to land a single shot.토토사이트

In the first inning, Kim Hyun-jun took advantage of an opponent’s error and settled on second base. Kim Seong-yoon’s sacrifice bunt put the team on third base with one out. Koo Ja-wook retired with a looking strikeout, and Pirella retired with an infield ground ball.

In the second inning, leadoff hitter Oh Jae-il’s hit to right and Lee Jae-hyeon’s walk gave them a chance to reach first and second base with no outs. Kim Ji-chan retired with a fly to center field, but Kim Ho-jae hit a single to left, leaving runners in the bases. Lee Byung-hun and Kim Hyun-jun each swallowed their disappointment with a missed swing strikeout and a ground ball to shortstop.

Same thing in the 3rd episode. Leading batter Kim Seong-yoon succeeded in a surprise bunt that caught the opponent off guard. Koo Ja-wook was out with a fly ball to center field, but Pirella chose to walk. 1 out, 1st and 2nd bases. Oh Jae-il struck out after a full count against NC starter Choi Seong-young. Soon after, Jaehyun Lee hit a fly ball to second base.

Samsung took the opportunity to advance to first and third base with no outs in the 4th inning thanks to consecutive hits by Kim Dong-jin and Kim Ho-jae. The Samsung bench substituted pinch hitter Ryu Ji-hyuk for Lee Byung-hun. Ryu Ji-hyuk, who came to bat, pulled a slider on the 4th pitch at a ball count of 2B-1S and hit a hit that missed 1st and 2nd base. Third base runner Kim Dong-jin homered with ease.

Kim Hyun-jun and Kim Seong-yoon continued to make timely hits on first and second base. Koo Ja-wook was out with a ground ball to first base, but Pirella chose a walk after a close battle with a full count. Runner on base. Oh Jae-il, who becomes even more scary when the bases are loaded, hits a long ball that rolls to the right fence, and everyone is called home. Oh Jae-il settled at second base. Samsung decided the game by completing a 6-run big inning in the 4th inning. Ryu Ji-hyuk broke through the blockage of Samsung’s attack.

Ryu Ji-hyuk hit a left-field hit in the 5th inning, achieving his 28th multi-hit of the season. He shook up the opposing battery by stealing second and then third base. Ryu Ji-hyuk, who had been silent with no hits in five consecutive games since the Daegu Kiwoom game on the 26th of last month, provided an opportunity for a rebound through today’s game.

Director Park Jin-man is full of praise whenever he talks about Ryu Ji-hyuk. Even when his batting skills were low recently, he said, “You will have physical ups and downs as you have been running hard for a while. He played really well, and I think he is taking a break from the tempo.” He said, “As he is an experienced player, he will overcome it quickly.”

He also said, “So far, the only player who could play a middle role in the team was Koo Ja-wook, but with the addition of Ryu Ji-hyuk, the team atmosphere has improved. Ryu Ji-hyuk is good at encouraging the young players in the infield and leading the atmosphere well.” Coach Park Jin-man said, “As Ryu Ji-hyuk plays, he is showing baseball that young players should see and learn.”

Meanwhile, Samsung defeated NC 6-1 and broke away from a swamp of three consecutive losses since the Suwon KT game on the 31st of last month. Starter David Buchanan achieved his 9th win of the season by allowing 1 run (unearned) in 6⅔ innings.

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