Scholarship foundation after losing three daughters in ‘Sampung disaster’ Attorney Gwangjin Jeong dies

After losing three daughters in the collapse of the Sampoong Department Store in 1995, lawyer Jung Gwang-jin (Chairman of the Samyun Scholarship Foundation), who founded the scholarship foundation, has passed away.

Attorney Gwangjin Jeong / Chosun Ilbo DB

According to the legal community on the 20th, it was reported that Attorney Jeong passed away at Asan Medical Center in Seoul around 8:52 pm on the 19th. He is 85 years old.

The deceased, who graduated from Seoul National University Law School, passed the first bar exam in 1963 and served as a judge. The deceased practiced law in 1978 to help pay for the treatment of his eldest daughter, Ms. Jung Yoon-min (age 29 at the time of her death in 1995), who had lost her sight. Ms. Yoon-min lost sight in one eye when she was 5 years old, and went blind in both eyes when she was 12 years old. Although Yoon-min never regained his sight, he went to Berkeley University to study abroad in 1988, received a master’s degree, and later returned to Korea and became a teacher at a school for the blind in Seoul.

However, during the collapse of Sampoong Department Store on June 29, 1995, the deceased lost all of Min Yoon, second Yoo Jeong (28 years old at the time), and third Yoon Kyung (25 years old at the time). The three daughters went to a department store to buy daily necessities, but were struck at once토토사이트. At this time, it was only 9 months since Mr. Yoon Min became a teacher, saying that he would teach blind children in similar circumstances.

The deceased, who had been thinking about stopping his career as a lawyer due to the sudden death of his three daughters, said that the pain was sublimated by the establishment of a scholarship foundation. He set up a scholarship foundation with 650 million won in compensation and 1.35 billion won plus personal property, and named the foundation “Samyun Scholarship Foundation” after his three daughters. The deceased donated this foundation to the Seoul Blind School, his eldest daughter’s alma mater and first job.

At the time, the deceased said, “I have seen an exceptionally large number of blind students experiencing financial difficulties. The Samyoon Scholarship Foundation especially wants to be a source of strength for them,” said the purpose of establishing the scholarship foundation. Her wife, Lee Jung-hee, explained, “It is for our couple to fulfill Yun Min-yi’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a light to the blind.”

At the time of the foundation’s unveiling ceremony held at the Seoul School for the Blind, President Kim Young-sam said, “The noble love given by Attorney Chung will not only help the three daughters realize their unfulfilled dreams, but will also remain forever as a ‘light of hope’ that illuminates the darkness for young blind students.” He also sent a letter stating that

Her survivors include her wife, Lee Jeong-hee, and her grandson, Yoon Sang-won. Vinso is in Room 3 of the funeral hall at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, at 7:30 am on the 22nd. ☎ 031-787-1503

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