Seohyun Kim is currently filling up 10 years worth of fuel… Will the time of patience remain a lifelong asset?

Perhaps he was dreaming of a future where first-team records were gradually accumulating by throwing balls in front of large crowds and catching batters he had only seen on TV. The future of Kim Seo-hyun (19, Hanwha), who has the natural shoulder, spirit, and confidence to throw a fastball reaching 160 km/h, did not seem that far away.

But the reality is cold. I’m throwing the ball in the scorching sun without many spectators or the sound of the cheering squad’s amplifier. As of the 7th, Seohyun Kim had been in the first team for 58 days this year. On the contrary, he stayed in the 2nd Army for 102 days. Perhaps by the end of the season, he may have spent twice as much time in the second team as in the first.토토사이트

Kim Seo-hyun, who was selected as the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft and joined Hanwha with a signing bonus of 500 million won, showed both possibilities and problems. Everyone cheered for the charm of being able to throw a fastball in the mid to late 150 km range, but everyone sighed when the ball failed to enter the strike zone. Being in the second group right now could mean that the problems are more prominent than the possibilities at this point.

Kim Seo-hyun, who started the season in the second team, showed good results and was registered in the first team on April 19, earlier than expected. For a while, there was a time when the enormous restraints were a hot topic and did well. It was believed that some problems would be resolved over time. However, once control and balance were shaken, they were rarely restored to their original state. So on June 8 he was sent down to the 2nd Army. This was due to concerns that it could be further damaged if left alone.

After pitching as a starter in the second team and steadily improving, he was promoted to the first team again on August 10th, but after allowing 7 runs in a total of 4⅔ innings in two games, he was sent back to the second team and is where he is now. He gave up a whopping 12 four-ball outings in 4⅔ innings. He couldn’t hold on any longer. He currently has no promises of returning to the first team. There is no evidence that Seohyun Kim was in control. For Hanwha, which is finding it difficult to advance to the postseason, it is also time to look a little further into the future than the immediate future.

He continues to pitch in the second team. The number of innings pitched has already exceeded 40 innings in the second team alone. However, the control issue is still not resolved. Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said that he was continuing to receive reports about Kim Seo-hyun ahead of the Daejeon SSG match on the 7th, but did not mention Kim Seo-hyun’s return to the first team, saying, “I am working hard. I trust and wait for the Futures League coaches.” Instead, he suggested he was looking further afield, saying, “I’ll have to go watch the pitching in the instructional league. I’ll have to go and even do finishing drills.”

This may be an annoying moment. Among my classmates, there are quite a few players who are active in the first team. The second-place pick, Yoon Young-cheol (KIA), is heading toward his 10th win. His mood and pride may be hurt as he was considered an overwhelming top pick. However, he is a player that should be around for the next 10 years or more. When I look back 10 years from now, these 3-4 months are just a fleeting moment. It is more important to fill up the fuel now to last 10 years.

Manager Choi said, “There is a certain level in the league. That level could be the level of the batter or the level of the strike zone,” and added, “I would have pitched with some imagination, but if it did not go as planned, the overall “It could break down. I need time to sort things out now,” he said, pointing out Kim Seo-hyun’s current situation.

Coach Choi asked for ‘feel for strikes’. He emphasized that this is the most important thing at this stage for your future career. Coach Choi said, “First of all, you have to quickly find a feel for throwing strikes. You can start from there. You have to practice to get a feel for it,” he said. “In Seohyun’s case, the ups and downs regarding strikes are severe since she became a pro. She needs to practice a little more. “Command is next. There should be no problem with strikes. If you throw it like this, it’s a strike, and if you throw it like this, you have to have the feeling that it’s a ball,” he said, emphasizing consistent practice.

Actually, it’s a strike I threw countless times in high school. However, throwing on a professional stage is different. Since he has a strong position, if this problem is resolved, he will have a solid foundation to expand further like his senior, Moon Dong-ju. Attention is being paid to whether Kim Seo-hyun can calmly resolve this issue in three months. If you do that, it will be an unforgettable time in your long professional career.

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