Sexual belittling and profanity beyond the limit… Criticism of ‘Excel Broadcasting’ caused by BJ’s death

While Lim Ji-hye (37, broadcast name Imvely), a YouTuber from a racing model who made an extreme choice during the broadcast, passed away, criticism is rising about the broadcasting concept Lim made right before the accident. On the 11th, during her live broadcast, she was reported to have quarreled with other BJs

while drinking alcohol with Internet broadcasters . Above all, the concept of this broadcast itself was a culture that induces stimulating competition between BJs (hosts of Internet

This broadcast, also known as ‘Bucheon Hell Party’, was conducted by inducing a stimulating competition among BJs to attract support from viewers. It was a rule for BJ to drink alcohol when viewers who participated in the broadcast donated 50,000 won . And BJs who received a lot of donations took a higher rank in the broadcast.

At the time, Mr. A, who received the most sponsorship money, gradually provoked him by using malicious comments against Lim according to his sponsorship ranking. Mr. A said to Mr. Lim, who was crying, without hesitation, saying, “It’s unlucky to cry while looking at the wall” and “Don’t sell your child.” This remark continued several times, and the conflict between the two amplified. However, Mr. B, who was the organizer of the broadcast, practically neglected this situation.

The broadcasters who were in the same place did the same. They only asked for donations for themselves, and neglected to mediate the conflict between the two. Depending on the public opinion on the broadcast comment window, Lim was scolded or criticized. There were even physical contact or comments that could be seen as sexual violence. Most of the BJs

who participated in the drinking mukbang were Internet broadcasters who were permanently suspended for causing problems while working on the streaming platform Afreeca TV , and broadcasting on YouTube. These are African TVIt transformed the form of broadcasting, which was popular under the name of ‘Excel Broadcasting’, into a more stimulating drinking mukbang, attracting viewers.

‘Excel Broadcasting’ competing for donations… Sexual harassment and profanity

broadcasts), so it became inevitable to criticize for driving one person to death.

Excel Broadcasting is a name that came from the meaning of listing the names of BJs as if they were arranged in Excel. A famous BJ invites several guest BJs and displays the sponsorship rankings they received on the screen to induce competition. BJs receive donations while performing missions suggested by viewers. After the broadcast, the host distributes profits to guest BJs according to their contribution토토사이트.

It is known that the scale of sponsorship is very large because there is a stimulating competition in broadcasting. Broadcasting that induces donations through such a stimulating competition has been consistently pointed out as a malady of Internet broadcasting

. One netizen responded to the online community, saying, ” BJs who swear more and encourage them to increase sponsorship by causing conflict should reflect on themselves.”

There are also claims that legal action is needed for excessive criticism of the other party and broadcasting behavior that crosses the line. One netizen left a message in the comments of the YouTube video, “I ask that those who induce sponsorship with such a broadcast full of sexual demeaning remarks and abusive language violence are institutionally severely punished at this opportunity.” Meanwhile, BJ

Namyangju Nambu Police Station conducted a drinking broadcast with Lim.They plan to call in the people to investigate the circumstances of Mr. Lim’s death. Allegations of sexual harassment that occurred during a drunken broadcast are also subject to investigation. In addition, criminal charges such as aiding and abetting another female BJ ‘s suicide and contempt raised online are also reviewed.

Lim made her film debut in 2005 with the movie ‘Pa Song Song Egg Tak’ and she has been working as a racing model since 2006. She took a break from modeling with her marriage in 2014, divorced in 2018 and working as an internet broadcaster.

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