“Shim Jun-seok, the best fastball at the high school level” praised by the US media, recognized as a PIT top-class prospect

There are steady reviews of Shim Jun-seok (19‧ Pittsburgh), who crossed the Pacific Ocean with the dream of a major league challenge. Among Pittsburgh’s international promising contract players in 2023, it is evaluated that they are by far the top class, and there are some that are not pushed even compared to players in the major league new draft.

On the 16th (Korean time), the US baseball media ‘Baseball America’ reviewed Pittsburgh’s 2023 international prospect contract and selected Shim Jun-seok as the ‘top class’ to pay attention to the most. Pittsburgh signed many promising players with a strategy of investing in several players evenly rather than pouring a lot of money into one player in this international prospect contract.

The player Pittsburgh paid the most attention to was Shim Jun-seok. You can feel this in the fact that he held his signing ceremony at his home stadium, PNC Park, and invited all his family members안전놀이터.

Pittsburgh, which has watched Shim Jun-seok for a long time, has a specific blueprint on how to develop this player to the level of a major leaguer. ‘Baseball America’ also has a strong body, so it has a high potential for development, and it was praised for its unique charm in the fastball, which is the basis of a pitcher.

‘Baseball America’ is ‘6 feet 4 inches (about 193 cm), 215 pounds (about 98 kg) with a large physique, 19-year-old Shim Jun-seok is a starting pitcher with a speed of 92 to 96 miles per hour (about 148.1 km to 154.5 km). ) has an arm capable of throwing. ‘He can throw a top 98 miles per hour (157.7 km)’, while ‘his fastball has the characteristic of coming out of the zone in the last minute. He introduced it as ‘on par with the highest fastball among the high school students drafted this year.

This means that he has the best fastball pitch among players who have just graduated from high school in the major league draft as well as signing international prospects. The key will be how he develops in the future, but at least the quality of his fastball itself is comparable to that of America’s top prospects, according to the analysis of ‘Baseball America’.

▲ Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Shim Jun-seok. ⓒPittsburgh club official social media capture

Then, ‘Baseball America’ explained the characteristics of the breaking ball, saying, ‘Shim Jun-seok, along with the splitter and slider, throws the curveball, which should be his main breaking ball, with a good trajectory and rotation.’ The slider and splitter still have a question mark, but at least the curveball is highly regarded as a sure decision ball. It is a high-quality ball that most media give 60 points on the 20/80 scale.

Shim Jun-seok is currently sweating at the club’s training facility located in Bradenton, Florida. While there are no special problems with the body, it is in the process of making up for what is lacking continuously. It is known that the sweeper, which has recently become a trend in the major leagues, is also being polished.

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