Small but fast’ defender roams the outfield until his hat comes off… Lion catching a bear outfielder 

The Seomseong Lions repeatedly tied and came from behind in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ game against the Doosan Bears held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 8th, losing 7-8 due to a walk-off error in the bottom of the 9th inning.스포츠토토

It was a refreshing start for Samsung. After one out in the top of the first inning, Kim Seong-yoon reached base by turning Doosan starter Seung-yong Choi’s first pitch into a left-field hit. Afterwards, when Koo Ja-wook reached base on an infield grounder and stole second base, Doosan Ahn Seung-han’s throwing error caused Koo Ja-wook to advance to third base. 

Then, Kang Min-ho, who came up to the plate, attacked Choi Su-yong’s six-pitch low slider on a full count and hit the go-ahead two-run home run. 

Doosan launched a counterattack in the bottom of the fourth inning. After one out, Rojas’ single and Yang Eui-ji’s base hit created a chance, and Kim Jae-hwan and Yang Seok-hwan’s consecutive timely hits tied the score at 2-2. 

In the top of the 5th inning, with 1 out and runners on first base, Kim Jae-ho hit a come-from-behind two-run home run. He hit Samsung starter Kim Dae-woo’s 121km curve and went over the left fence slightly. 

In the top of the 6th inning, with 1 out and runners on first and second base, Samsung Jae-Hyeon Lee, Ho-Jae Kim, and Hyun-Jun Kim hit three consecutive timely hits to bring the score back to 5-4. 

In the bottom of the 6th inning, with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd base, Doosan also had Heo Gyeong-min’s batted ball hit the 3rd base base and bounce, resulting in a lucky 1-run tie tying hit. 

Samsung had a chance to run away again in the 7th inning. With no outs on first and second base, Oh Jae-il bowed his head with a foul fly, but Ryu Ji-hyuk hit a timely hit to right for one RBI against his own opponent. In the top of the 8th inning, Kim Seong-yoon got away with a 1-run infield hit. 

In the bottom of the 8th inning, with one out and runners on first and second base, Doosan hit Jae-ho Kim’s RBI double and trailed by one run. However, with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 3rd base, Yang Eui-ji’s missed hit was caught by Kim Seong-yoon at a sprint.

Kim Seong-yoon catches Doosan Yang Eui-ji’s batted ball.

Koo Ja-wook, who is next to Kim Seong-yoon, who is spreading out his arms, is shaking his shocked heart.

While sprinting in the outfield, Kim Seong-yoon caught the ball just in the nick of time. Although his hat came off due to wind resistance, a smile spread across his face as he caught the ball. Koo Ja-wook, who played along with him in defense, still looked like he was in danger.

Kim Seong-yoon with a big smile on his face and Koo Ja-wook with a surprised expression.

However, Samsung was unable to keep the lead until the end. In the bottom of the 9th inning, leader Kim Jae-hwan reached base with a walk, and Lee Yu-chan, who appeared as a pinch hitter, hit second base with a sacrifice bunt. Kang Seung-ho turned the game around with a timely hit in the middle. 

Afterwards, during pinch hitter Park Gye-beom’s at-bat, an infield ground ball was headed for third baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk, but due to a catching error, second base runner Kang Seung-ho reached home via third base, and Doosan was delighted with the comeback victory. 

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