Son Yeon-jae opens a competition for rhythmic gymnasts and transforms into a ‘black swan’

Former rhythmic gymnast national team member Son Yeon-jae (28) held a competition for young people.

The 2022 Leap Challenge Cup 2022 By Son Yeon Jae was held on the 17th and 18th at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium. It was hosted by Leaf Studio, headed by Son Yeon-jae, supervised by her agency, Next Euphoria, and sponsored by Incheon City, Incheon Tourism Organization, Best Sleep, Ryeowondam, and I’m Eco.

Despite the cold weather, about 1,500 rhythmic gymnastics dreamers and officials from all over the country gathered. On the first day, 6-13 year old players and general participants competed in regulation events and free events. On the second day, a master class and gala show were held, which were demonstrated and guided by CEO Son Yeon-jae. In particular, at the gala show, the national team Son Ji-in and Son Yeon-jae performed.

Son Yeon-jae, who transformed into a black swan, showed the same class on the gala stage. It was broadcast live through the YouTube channel Leaf Challenge Cup.

Son Yeon-jae said, “I was very impressed by the young rhythmic gymnasts who worked hard to improve their skills to participate in the 2022 Reef Challenge Cup. He felt that the future of rhythmic gymnastics in Korea was very bright. I am deeply grateful to all the participants who have been with me, and I will be with you next year in a more perfect way.”

The Leaf Challenge Cup was held for the first time in 2018, and this year marks the 4th time. In 2020, it was not held due to COVID-19. More than 200 players from 7 countries participated in the 2nd event in 2019. Last year, it was held without spectators due to Corona 19, but about 300 dreamers of rhythmic gymnastics gathered. 토토사이트

During his time as a player, Son Yeon-jae won the first individual gold medal in Korean rhythmic gymnastics at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and placed fourth in the individual all-around at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Son Yeon-jae, who retired in 2017, is currently working to expand the base of rhythmic gymnastics in Korea as the CEO of Leaf Studio. He holds the Reef Challenge Cup every year to discover promising rhythmic gymnastics. Son Yeon-jae, who got married last August, donated 50 million won to Severance Children’s Hospital.