“Special measures for construction union illegal assembly”… Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun “Issuance of arrest warrant in case of non-compliance with the executive department’s prompt investigation summons”

Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun (pictured) said of the general strike rally of the KCTU construction union on the 18th, “I am very sorry that the majority of citizens have suffered great inconvenience메이저사이트.”

Commissioner Yoon held a briefing at the Seodaemun-gu Police Agency in Seoul on the same day and said, “We will be held accountable for this illegal assembly that seriously harmed the tranquility of everyday life, and we will take special measures to prevent a recurrence.”

Previously, the construction union held a two-day homeless rally in the Sejong-daero area of ​​Jung-gu, Seoul, demanding an apology from the government for an executive who died by self-immolation ahead of an arrest review and an end to the union’s oppression.

Commissioner Yoon said, “We will investigate this illegal assembly quickly and resolutely.” We will also investigate the actions by merging them,” he said. “We hope that the target will actively participate in the police investigation, and if they do not appear, an arrest warrant will be issued and an arrest will be made.”

He also said, “Illegal assemblies under the guise of nighttime cultural festivals will be disbanded on the spot.” I will respond decisively.”

Commissioner Yoon said, “We will do our best to come up with legal and institutional improvements for acts that cause serious inconvenience to citizens, such as excessive noise.”

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