“Special person”→”Cheater”… Chairman Al-Nassr ‘irritated’ Ronaldo switch attitude ‘rage’

Al-Nassr club leaders also began to express their anger toward Cristiano Ronaldo. 

One of the transfers that surprised the world last winter was Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Arabia League. Ronaldo, who left Manchester United, announced a new challenge by heading to the Middle East rather than the European stage, and much attention was paid to how active he would be as a world-class striker. 

Ronaldo was greeted with great expectations at the Al Nasr club level when he joined the club. He emphasized that the Middle East stage could be a global stage and that he headed there because he had achieved everything on the European stage. 

However, about four months after the transfer, Ronaldo’s status has fallen significantly. He scored 11 goals in 11 league appearances, but has been sluggish with only 2 goals in the last 6 games.

He didn’t create any threatening attacks during the team’s 2-0 loss to Al-Hilal last match, raising eyebrows from fans when he committed a headlock foul on an opponent. 

After the game, as Al-Hilal fans chanted Lionel Messi, he was caught leaving the stadium holding his groin with his right hand, and even demanded expulsion for indecent behavior. Saudi Arabia fans expressed their opinion to release Ronaldo despite the club’s explanation. 

Public opinion메이저사이트 about him hit rock bottom as there were even reports that he had an effect on the sacking of coach Rudy Garcia and that he yelled at the coaching staff.

In the midst of this, dissatisfaction with Ronaldo began to emerge from the Al Nasr club’s leadership. 

Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported on the 28th (Korean time), “Chairman Al-Nassr regrets signing a contract with Ronaldo.” 

Mundo Deportivo said: “Al-Nasr president Musalial Muammar expressed his anger at Ronaldo’s performance in a recent interview.” 

According to the report, he said, “I’ve experienced only two frauds in my life. The first was when I ordered three kebabs and received two. The second was when I recruited Ronaldo,” referring to Ronaldo’s recruitment as a fraud. 

At the time of signing Ronaldo in December of last year, Chairman Muammar said, “Ronaldo is a special football player and a special person with a tremendous influence beyond football. He will be greatly welcomed in Saudi Arabia, where he is making tremendous progress on and off the pitch. welcomed it, but it showed a completely changed view in just four months. 

While even the top executives who eagerly wanted and welcomed his signing expressed anger at Ronaldo’s behavior, it is unlikely that his life in the Middle East will last long unless Ronaldo overturns public opinion with an performance worthy of his reputation for the rest of the season. 

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