Sports Ethics Center “The investigator never said ‘no charges’”… Head-on refutation of Gimpo FC’s claim

The Sports Ethics Center under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism directly refuted the remarks made by Seo Young-gil메이저사이트, CEO of the club, at a press conference on the 6th regarding the extreme choice of a youth player of the domestic professional football Gimpo FC under 18 (U-18) team that occurred last year.

In a statement released to the media on the same day, the Center for Sports Ethics said, “The Center conducted a thorough investigation, including securing statements from 26 people involved for about eight months from the beginning of May last year, and confirming the fact of damage through an in-depth investigation of 12 defendants. ”he said. “The club’s claim that the investigator in charge said ‘no problem’ or ‘no charges’ about the case under investigation in August of the same year is different from the truth,” he emphasized.

The Sports Ethics Center judged that the coaches and some fellow players were responsible for the incident, and made a final decision in January to request disciplinary action against them.

Previously, at a press conference on the same day, CEO Seo claimed that he had heard that there was no problem with the youth team coaches and coaches from the Sports Ethics Center, saying, “I have strictly watched the investigation by the Sports Ethics Center and the police.” This is the official position of the center. CEO Seo said, “I am very sorry that the announcement of the investigation results was delayed and (the club’s measures) did not meet the expectations of the bereaved families.” He announced at a press conference that he would resign as well as take responsibility for the incident, announcing the dismissal of the youth team manager and coach.

CEO Seo said that he had no choice but to postpone the disciplinary action of the coaches until the accurate results of the investigation came out. While bereaved families and civic groups demanded prompt fact-finding and disciplinary action, the club was criticized for renewing contracts with leaders who were identified as perpetrators last year without taking any action.

Regarding the decision to dismiss the youth team manager and coach after only 11 months after the incident, CEO Seo said, ▲ In case of causing controversy in the management of youth soccer ▲ In case of being subject to social criticism due to civil and criminal liability issues ▲ In addition, a general manager is needed. It was explained that the content that measures such as dismissal could be taken if admitted was included in the form of an attached document at the time of the coach extension contract in August of last year.

CEO Seo said, “The dismissal of the coach is in accordance with the rules of the ‘Foundation Gimpo FC’ that leads the club in the absence of a judicial judgment, and the court will make an accurate judgment on future coaches and others.” In addition, he bowed his head, saying, “This incident is largely due to my fault as the CEO,” and “I admit that the preparation process was insufficient while founding a team under the age of 18 in accordance with the Korea Football Association regulations.” He added, “I am sincerely sorry to the bereaved family,” adding, “I hope that the bereaved family will ease their hearts with my resignation, and I sincerely wish the deceased a rest in peace.”

However, it is unclear whether the criticism or disrespectful gaze towards the club will be washed clean with the resignation of CEO Seo. Gyeonggi Gimpo Police Station, which has been investigating the case, decided to send the youth team coaches and coaches to the prosecution only on the 5th, nearly a year after the incident, resulting in some people saying that it was a ‘belated investigation’, especially the dead youth player. There have been recent media reports to the effect that another youth player who was on the same team as the perpetrator suffered abuse from the coaches, etc.

The club does not appear to be investigating the matter further. In response to the Segye Ilbo’s question, “Is there any plan to re-investigate to find out whether there are additional victims?” in the Q&A that followed the press conference, CEO Seo said, “I think it will be judged by the judicial authorities,” and “I don’t think it’s something the club will investigate.” he replied.

Due to the nature of the citizen club, Gimpo Mayor Kim Byung-soo, who is the chairman of the club, met with the bereaved family on the 28th of last month, but has not yet released a position related to the incident. CEO Seo said at a press conference that his decision to resign was not a decision made by the mayor.

Previously, Group A was found dead in front of the club’s youth team dormitory building in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do in April of last year. As a result of the analysis of CCTV footage, it was confirmed that he made an extreme choice in the place where he lived at around 2 am on the day of the incident. In the will, the alleged perpetrators who were harassed by verbal violence were mentioned. According to the Child Welfare Act, directors and coaches sent to the prosecution for child abuse are known to have made statements to the effect of denying their charges at the police.

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