‘Stronger on the Sea’ Pittsburgh, NL’s highest win rate + 1st place in stolen bases ‘Bae Ji-hwan effect’

The Pittsburgh Pirates were tied for last in the Central Division of the National League (NL) last season. The win rate was 0.373 with 62 wins and 100 losses.

This season, too메이저사이트, it was expected to rank 4th in the Central District.

But a strange thing is happening. Although it is early days, Pittsburgh is 18-8, recording the NL’s best win rate (0.692).

Pittsburgh has been rebuilding for several years. However, ahead of this season, their power has strengthened by boldly recruiting players. I was no longer a spectator, but a competitor.

Pittsburgh recruited veteran players such as Carlos Santana, Ji-man Choi, and Andrew McCutchen before the season.

All of them are doing their part except Choi Ji-man, who was injured.

Stable batting and pitching power are the background of good grades. The team’s batting average is 0.258, which is 5th out of 15 teams. OPS is also ranked 5th with 0.772.

In particular, he has the most stolen bases with 37. Bae Ji-hwan, who is recording 10 of them, stands out.

On the pitcher side, the bullpen is doing a great job. 12 saves is the most. The team’s earned run average is 3.60, ranking fourth.

Whether this is the case or whether the upward trend will continue remains to be seen.

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