The aspirations of three Korea University freshman forwards “Yonsei University is the winner of recruiting? If we win, that’s it.”

I thought Korea University was the best team in the university, and there would be many things to learn from it.”카지노사이트 Three freshman forwards from Korea University revealed why they chose Korea University.

The Korea University basketball team will be conducting training in Geoje, Gyeongnam for about two weeks from the 13th (Mon) to the 25th (Sat). Some players left due to injuries, but all the freshmen, except for Lee Jae-min, joined and are in sync with the existing members.

In addition to the three forwards, Yoo Min-soo, Yoon Ki-chan, and Lee Dong-geun, guard Moon Yoo-hyeon and center Lee Jae-min joined the team. In particular, with the joining of U-18 Asian Cup champion Yoo Min-soo, high BQ Yoon Gi-chan, and high school scorer Lee Dong-geun, coach Hee-jung Joo made ‘forward basketball’ the keyword this season.

The three freshman forwards said, “I thought Korea University was the best team in the university. I felt like I could learn a lot from my brothers as a member of the team. I want to quickly melt into the team through field training,” he said in unison.

Although three forwards joined, many say that Yonsei University is the winner of the offseason recruiting. This is because players with a sense of power were immediately reinforced, such as U18 Asian Cup MVP Lee Joo-young, Lee Chae-hyung and Kang Ji-hoon.

Regarding this, Yoon Ki-chan said, “I know the evaluation that Yonsei University has done better in reinforcement. However, after preparing hard for the offseason, I think it will be enough if we meet with Yonsei University during the season and win. If we prove it with results, the evaluation will change,” he said, revealing his confidence.

Minsoo Yoo and Donggeun Lee also expressed satisfaction with their life at Korea University. Yoo Min-soo said, “I don’t think it’s true that the recruiting winner is Yonsei University, so I don’t really care. It’s just nice to learn from the guys on the team who have many strengths like Moon Jung-hyun.”

Lee Dong-geun said, “The captain, Park Moo-bin, takes really good care of me. He is learning a lot from his older brother’s leadership and game attitude since he first entered the school. Thanks to him, his confidence has risen a lot,” he said, showing the appearance of melting into the team.

Korea University, whose height has been lowered since Doo-Won Lee and Jun-Hyung Yeo left, is expected to show faster basketball with the addition of three freshman forwards. Let’s pay attention to whether these three can lead Korea University to its second straight championship.

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