The average score per game was only 3 points, was KIA’s ‘strengthening depth’ just a dream?

KIA is crying over poor offensive power.

Only 30 points were drawn from 10 matches. They are suffering from an extreme scoring drought of 3 points per game.

30 points is almost 1/3 level compared to LG, which is running first with 81 points. The injury gap of key players such as Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young is gradually felt.

It is KIA that made strengthening depth the top priority this season.

I was confident that I had secured a double-triple lock system through trade as well as internal player development.

He had the confidence that the team could not be shaken by one or two injuries.

But now, with 10 games played, the injury gap is already felt. The team is playing a difficult game as they rarely show their strength in scoring position.

In the end, as of the 15th, they are running at the bottom with 3 wins and 7 losses.

Ryu Ji-hyeok is maintaining a good pace with a batting average of 0.375, but the support from other players is greatly lacking메이저사이트.

Lee Chang-jin, who once had a batting average of 40%, also dropped to 0.300.

Socrates’ batting average, which he believed, also collapsed by 30% and remained at 0.275. It’s not so obvious, but Socrates’ sluggishness is becoming a burden to the team’s offensive power.

Even Socrates needs to do his part so that the team’s offensive power can be revived, but the batting average in scoring position is only 0.111.

The sluggish performance of players who drew attention as an alternative force is also painful.

Kim Gyu-seong, who received high expectations for his improved offense from Coringa in Geelong, Australia, has a batting average of 0.233.

Byun Woo-hyuk, who was expected to occupy a spot on third base with trade resources, also saw his batting average go down to 0.182 before he knew it.

The strategy that tried to make up for the lack of depth with enhanced depth is showing its limits after 10 games.

Players like Kim Kyu-seong and Byeon Woo-hyuk have to work hard to fill the void, but their strength is rapidly declining. I can’t add any strength to the team’s batting line.

It’s hard to win many games with 3 points per game. In a situation where the mound has not yet been maintained, even the scoring power is declining, so the chances of winning are inevitably low.

It is regrettable that the main players are sluggish, but the fact that alternative forces are not growing is a bigger concern for KIA. The ‘strengthening of depth’ that has been so emphasized is in danger of ending up as a mere dream.

It will take more than a month for injured players to return. Until then, you have to hold on with your gums. However, the strength of gums is quickly reaching its limits. It’s a situation where you can’t help but sigh.

Can KIA achieve its dream of ‘strengthening depth’ with the growth of alternative forces? From now on, it can be said that the real test has come.

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