“The best long hitter of all time” KLPGA room storm

Bang Shin-sil, a 19-year-old conditional seed player on the KLPGA tour, is a hot topic. Armed with a hot driver, Bang Shin-sil appeared in 3 KLPGA tour games and competed for the championship in 2 games.

Nam Woo-jo, manager of the leadership team in charge of players at Titleist, said, “The average swing speed of Bang Shin-sil is 107 miles per hour, and the ball speed is about 159 miles per hour. Considering that domestic male tour players average 111 mph and female players average 94 mph, and considering that female players with a swing speed of 100 mph become a hot topic, 107 mph is a great speed.”

Manager Nam also added, “Bang Shin-sil, along with Yoon Ina, is the fastest player in Korean women’s golf history, and she is an unconventional player who comfortably hits 250m with a driver. Compared to other players, she has an advantage of about 4 clubs.”

SBS golf commentator Ko Deok-ho said, “She seems to be a player who will change the game of women’s golf with her overwhelming long hit and excellent basic skills.”

The Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, which ended at the end of last month, was Bang Shin-sil’s KLPGA Tour debut. Bang Sin-sil hit a tee shot 320 yards on the 13th hole of the final round. The room, she said, was “a dogleg hall, so the distance was measured more than it actually was.” It was measured several times that he flew over 290 yards on a straight hole.

In the 4th hole of the final round of NH Investment & Securities, Bang Shin-sil left 197m behind the tree with an iron and put it next to the pin. It was like watching a men’s tour match. Bang Sin-sil said, “I expected to roll on the green and hit it with a No. 4 driving iron with a carry distance of 185m. He had a higher trajectory than other players, so he had no problems passing trees.”

Bang Sin-sil was originally on the long hit axis, but it was not the best hit. Since 2019, he suffered from hyperthyroidism and had difficulty losing 10 kg of weight. In the aftermath, there were times when the swing speed was not constant during the season and the results were not good in the final round.

However, the room seems to have turned this crisis into an opportunity. He is stronger than before he got sick. Bang Sin-sil said, “I trained for distance increase, such as swinging a speed stick for an hour and a half a day for two and a half months last winter.” Nam Woo-jo, manager, said, “Every player trains to increase their distance, but there are few players who have increased their distance as much as Bang Shin-sil. It seems that Bang Shin-sil has realized how to take care of her body thoroughly. In the future, Bang Shin-sil will be of great help in my career as a player.”

Bang Shin-sil competed to win two games, but did not win. In particular, in the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, which ended on the 14th, she took the lead alone, but unfortunately, she bogeyed the last two holes and was tied for third place.

In an interview with this magazine, Bang Sin-sil said, “The reason why the tee shot on the 17th hole became a lost ball was because the slightly misplaced ball went into the forest in a gust of wind. The reason my second shot went over the green on the last hole was because of a flyer. I hit it in the rough and expected a flyer to some extent, but I thought the wind would catch the ball, but it seems the wind was the opposite in the sky.”

However, Bang Shin-sil said, “I have no regrets about missing the championship because I played my best. I think I did very well by passing the cut and finishing in the top 5 in the game I went out with the goal. I had a good experience and I will make it an opportunity to become stronger.”

Bang Shin-sil played the national team for three years, but last year, she placed 40th in the seed match, falling short of expectations. Some say it was because the course where the seed match was카지노사이트 held was not suitable for Bang Sin-sil, a long hitter, but it was a disappointing ranking. He received a conditional seed on the KLPGA Tour this year and is doing both the 1st and 2nd division tours.

Interestingly, the results of the first part tour were better than the second part tour. I participated in 5 competitions on the second part tour and placed in the top 10 once, but on the first part tour, I participated in 3 competitions and placed in the top 10 twice. Even as an amateur, Bang Sin-sil performed well in the first pro tour competition.

Other tours have a re-ranking system that re-ranks the seed based on performance during the season, but the KLPGA Tour has not adopted it. Participation in more than 30% of all competitions is recognized as a prize money ranking. It seems that only about 10 tours of the first part of this season will be able to participate. He can barely fill 30%, but is expected to be mid-to-late in the season.

Rookie of the Year points must be filled at least 50%. Bang Shin-sil cannot participate in the Rookie of the Year competition this year.

It is difficult for Bang Shin-sil, a box office card that has appeared like a comet, to settle down on the KLPGA tour until the second half of this season. I don’t think the room will be in a hurry. Since I have already received 112 million won in prize money, I will be able to easily get the right to participate next year, and I plan to advance to the LPGA tour. Since it is a stronger broadcasting room on the big stage, there is a possibility of demonstrating competitiveness on the major stage.

The room doesn’t hang everything on the street. “Golf is not a long-distance game,” he said. Ko Jin-young’s strong mentality is the coolest.”

Bang Sin-sil said, “I had to correct my swing at the beginning of the Dream Tour (Part 2 tour), and it was difficult because the greens were not as good as the first part tour. However, I think I can get used to it and get good results on the Dream Tour.”

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