The first champion of the Yanggu-gun National Land Administration Central Committee is Han Woo-jin, 7th Dan… Awards Ceremony on the 28th

The 2023 Yanggu-gun National Land Administration Central Cup Millennium Cheonwonjeon Award Ceremony, where Han Woo-jin 7th Dan became the first champion, was held at Yanggu-gun Office in Gangwon-do on the 28th.

At the awards ceremony, Yanggu County Mayor Seo Heung-won presented a trophy and prize money of 10 million won to the winning 7th Dan Woo-jin Han, and a trophy and prize money of 5 million won to runner-up Park Hyeon-soo스포츠토토, 5th-dan.

Han Woo-jin, 7th dan, said, “Thank you to the Yanggu-gun officials who sponsored the tournament. At the beginning of this year, when I was worried that I would lose my sense of real fighting because there were not many big countries, a good competition came up, and I prepared hard and got good results.” .

In the 2023 Yanggu-gun National Land Administration Central Cup Millennium Cheonwon Preliminary for those born after 2000, 67 players participated and 16 advanced to the finals. The finals were held between February 24th and 26th at the White Porcelain Museum in Yanggu-gun.

In the 1st station held in Yanggu on February 26th, Han Woo-jin, 7th Dan, took the first place by succeeding in black after 105 moves. The venue was moved to the Go TV studio and in the second station held on March 8, Han Woo-jin, 7th Dan, won 100 in 196 moves and became the first champion with an overall record of 2-0.

On the other hand, the final series of this tournament made headlines by landing the first move on the center of the checkerboard, Cheonwon, leaving a note worthy of the title of the tournament.
Sponsored by Yanggu-gun and Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation and hosted and supervised by Korea Kiwon, the time limit for the 2023 Yanggu-gun National Territorial Central Cup Millennium Cheonwonjeon was cumulative, with 20 seconds added to each 20 minutes.

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