The first WBC match, the Netherlands defeated Cuba and won… Any rules to note?

Group A, our opponents in the quarterfinals, played their first match today.

The Netherlands took their first win of the tournament by beating powerful Cuba.

The rules unique to the WBC also emerged as a point of observation.

This is reporter Moon Young-gyu’s report.


Bernardina안전놀이터, who played for the KIA, played an active role with multiple hits, and Ha-sung Kim’s colleague Bohartz’s hospitable defense led the Netherlands to beat strong Cuba 4-2.

In Cuba, starter Rodriguez gave up only one run until the 4th inning, but was blocked by the pitch limit and could not come out anymore, and later allowed a turnaround.

A pitcher’s maximum number of pitches per game in round 1 is 65, and the limit increases as the round progresses.

In addition, if you throw more than 50 pitches, you must take a break for four days, and if you throw more than 30 pitches or pitch two consecutive pitches, you must take a day off.

As long as the innings are not changed, there is also a rule that requires the pitcher to deal with at least three batters, and it has emerged as a variable.

[Soundbite] Park Chan-ho(KBS Baseball Commentator) : “Depending on how many innings the starting pitcher in the game against Australia and against Japan can lead, I think the rest of the pitchers will be able to effectively return to the Czech Republic or against China.”

Cuba applied for a video review when a runner in the 8th inning was checked, and the director’s video review request is also a new rule.

However, you can use it only once until the quarterfinals, so be careful when requesting reading.

The winning style has also changed.

From the 10th inning, the game goes straight into the game, but the runners start from second base, not 1st or 2nd base.

There is also a so-called Ohtani rule that allows you to continue playing as a designated hitter even if you play as a starting pitcher and are replaced, attracting attention.

This is Moon Yeong-gyu from KBS News.

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